The Endless Nightmare

My thoughts on the film, “Triangle”, started within the first few minutes of the movie. As the background music eerily played, I was already anticipating something to happen right away. With my suspense building more and more, I could already feel my heart racing, waiting for something to happen. While I was relieved that nothing too scary happened during that time, I could not help but be a bit more anxious as the movie progressed because if this was how I was going to feel within the first few minutes of the film, then I would be in for a long ride in regard to the rest of the movie.

As I was watching the movie, I noticed a few scenes in which cinematic arts were used to help guide the story along. Techniques such as symbolism, foreshadowing, and parallelisms could be seen that really struck me the most. One such instance wherein I noticed the use of foreshadowing was when Jess was driving to from her home to the pier at the beginning of the film and when the group was out on the boat and there was a seagull following them. While on the boat, Jess notices a seagull was following them and Greg explains that the seagull thinks that they were a fishing boat and it would get food from them. Later in the film is showed that when Sally dies on the roof deck, the seagulls were eating her carcass and so seagulls in the first film showed that they were going to die and that they were following them so that when they did die, the seagull would eat them.

Another theatre art that I noticed was the use of symbolism in the movie. Although there may be more, there are two instances where I noticed the use of symbolism, the first being the name of the ship that the group boarded after they were hit by the storm, and the other being the taxi driver that came to pick up Jess after she got into the car accident with her son.

The name of the ship that the group boarded was called the Aeolus. While on the boat, Sally explains the story of Aeolus, the Greek God of the Wind and also brings up the story of the ancient king Sisyphus. It is no coincidence that it was a storm that caused their boat to capsize and they end up boarding a ship named the Aeolus. She goes into detail of the story of Sisyphus and how he was cursed by the gods to push a boulder up a cliff only to watch it roll back down all because he made a promise to death that he did not end up keeping.

The film itself is a parallelism to that story of Sisyphus. When Jess dies, she meets a taxi driver, already waiting to take her somewhere. To me, I thought that this taxi driver was meant to represent death. With her body and the body of her son lying of the street, the Jess that we see is actually her spirit and Death as the taxi driver was there to take her to the afterlife. When Death asks her where she wants to go, Jess replies that she wants to go to the pier. After arriving at the pier, Death, as the taxi driver, asks if she will be coming back and Jess replies that she would be coming back. However, instead of coming back, she decides to board the ship. Since Jess did not keep her promise to death, she is forced to live a continuous loop of getting lost at sea, boarding the Aeolus, killing her travel companions, and reliving the death of her and her son. Until Jess decides not to go to the pier and to return to death will this cycle finally end her and she will finally be at peace. In reality, I think that Jess and her son really died when Jess, in her rage and yelling at her son, was not paying attention to the road and swerved into oncoming traffic and striking the truck.

After watching this movie, my initial reaction to it was that it was a very “trippy” movie and somewhat reminded me of the movie Inception as there was a story within a story and in the end it all overlapped. Overall, even though the movie gave me so many instances of stress, fear, and anxiety, I enjoyed the movie and its storyline. If this how the rest of the semester is going to be like then I will be in for a treat. I am not normally a huge fan of horror or suspense movies but after watching this film I am already starting to get a deeper appreciation for the genre and the type of storytelling that they have. I would recommend this film to my friends if they are looking for a movie that would play with their minds in the way that “Inception” did.


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