Triangle of Life

As opposed to the common saying “that’s just the circle of life!”, I believe triangle would be better for this entry. Aside from the movie being entitled as the shape mentioned, it resembles how life goes on. One starts from the base, experiences high points, falls down and starts again – kind of like how a normal literary piece can be sorted out in a normal high school English class.

The 2009 film is a horror film that, I think, revolves around time and how an individual’s actions affect one’s choices and its results. Also, there is a hint of some mental impairment maybe because of what happened to the lead character. Basically, a group of friends went out on a sunny day for a sail when out of nowhere the wind stops and the group experience an intense storm just by their area where their yacht stopped. Of course the group was weirded out since it was way out of possibility and their radio just started changing channels to hear a girl screaming out for help. Just as they lost hope after finding themselves sitting on an overturned yacht, a big ship comes to the rescue. They entered the ship and was eager to talk to the crew to let them know to plans, only to find out that they are being killed one by one – except for Jess who was suspected of the murders all through out.

Although she was too innocent for it, the friends had this premature bias where they think she’s a little nuts. I can’t blame them, she was acting too weird for vacation and for a normal person too. She starts to say things like “I am seeing things” or “You’re dead you just don’t know it yet” and lastly, “there’s another me that’s going to kill you”, who in the right mind would say that?

However, as the movie unfolds, you would soon find out that before the long-overdue vacation, Jess was being unreasonable and too stressed out just like any other single mom. Which results to her being mad and annoyed towards her autistic son. It is important to note that this perpetually annoyed Jess was killed by the enlightened Jess [one who discovered that her life was going in loops] and tried to change the course of her life for the betterment only to die in a freak accident. As the camera pans, another Jess was shown, one who’s indifferent by the sight of a dead Jess, a dead son a was being fetched by a cab driver.

In all honesty, I was annoyed to a point where I had to drop my fist on a table and say “damn it girl you know what’s gonna happen next so do your thing already!”. But as I was writing this entry, I realized that after seeing your son’s and your dead body, who wouldn’t be indifferent? Which made me think that the Jess that was fetched by the driver is not the real Jess but the soul of the character that is in denial of death and doesn’t want to cross over to afterlife. After breaking the very prominent and emphasized “I promise I’ll come back” to the cab driver, the loop starts over again, suggesting that she broke her promise and is trapped a thousand times [suggested by the number of her friends’ corpses on the boat].

As a western horror film, I was surprised that there were no common jump scares – but was more of understanding the logic as to why and what happened to the characters. For me, this movie offered a lot and made me realize that horror is not just about scary and gory ghosts and jump scares but how thrilling it is to watch the scenes and the development of the story. What makes it horror, I think, is the idea of death and how one’s actions can lead up or result to it and how it is inevitable. Throw in some masked slasher with an additional shotgun in the midst of helpless people in a huge ship and the suspense of finding a new victim surely makes up a horror movie. Not to mention the music scoring of the movie which amplified the suspense in heart throbbing scenes.


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