Perceptions of False Reality

Triangle was one of those movies you walk into with no clue of what to expect and walk out completely mind blown. I don’t know if i would classify the genre as horror or if I would list it under suspense. During the whole movie there was no sense of total fear, but more of this weird eerie feeling lingering the whole time.

The movie started out like any other movie introducing the scene and characters. It started out with this stressed out mother (Jess) who was always worrying about  her “autistic” son (Tommy). When she is given the opportunity to temporarily go on a “relaxing” trip. The whole time that eerie feeling was going on from when she stepped on the boat till when all the craziness started to happen.

This movie as you may also experience gives the same vibes as Inception and Trance. Both those movies have plots with so many twists and turns you have no idea what you just watched. It’s those have to see more than once so you notice what really goes on with the story. Triangle gave me those same feelings.

The problem that occurred was the fact that she seemed to be on this endless loophole from the time she got on this mysterious cruise ship. While watching it you get this sort of religious theme. It reminded me of purgatory where you are stuck in a place you can’t get out of while being “judged” or tested. Jess has to find away to convince Victor, Greg, Heather, and Downey that they are stuck in this time loop that keeps repeating. However, she is clearly not successful as she ends up killing them time after time. Her plan ends up being ruined by none other than…. Herself. The weird part about all of this is that she ends up fine in the sand like its an ordinary day.  It seemed like she could end this nightmare by simply going home and seeing her beloved son. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one completely caught of guard in the fact that when she came home she found her son completely fine, the only problem was that she saw herself too.

It ties together to the start of the movie where she thinks her son having terrible night mares when the whole time it was her coming to him to start the whole process over. She then tries to break the loop by killing herself and driving her and her son away, only to find another speed bump in her life. Jess and her son get into a car accident unfortunately killing Tommy. She soon realizes that all of this is part of this endless loop that she seems to be in so deep that she doesn’t remember her life before this loop. Of course Jess can’t let this be her reality so she decides to try again and board the boat to start the loop again. With that ending you leave thinking how in the world she will escape from that loop.

I don’t know how long I have been wondering what if something like that happened to me. Would I go on and on through that vicious cycle over and over again till I was successful or would I simply move on and see how my life would go on. I guess being faced with a situation like that makes you realize how much someone is wiling to sacrifice for something they truly want. You can see it in sports where repetition is an athlete’s best friend and worst nightmare. It can also be seen in the friendships and relationships we almost unconsciously try to keep from harm or danger. It makes sense that the only plausible reason for something wiling to go through hell and back is for family. Literally her whole world is being threatened by the fact that Tommy might not be apart of it. This explains the decision to keep on going.

I read of some reviews where people did not like this movie. But, for me I quite enjoyed the mystery and eerie feeling of the movie. It was the kind of movie where you think you know what’s about to happen next and something completely different happens. It also gives that Deja vu feeling throughout the entire movie. I think the Director had quite the imagination for creating a movie with so much thought and mystery.

In conclusion, the movie had it’s twist and turns, but overall it gave me more a suspenseful experience as opposed to the cover my eyes and hide experience. Even if I expected to be completely terrified it is a movie I enjoyed seeing. It kept me thinking until way after the movie had ended.  Which I think was the purpose of the director in creating this movie. That overthinking and analyzing feeling instead of the I can’t sleep feeling. If you like movies like this I suggest you try to check out Inception and Trance. Sometimes these movies are what you need in your life to just put things in perspective. Perceptions of false reality.


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