Triangle: Roll the boulder up

The story begins with a dark mundane music playing in the background as Jess (Melissa George), a young mother takes care of her special child Tommy. The opening of the movie shows a very boring life that she lives and expect nothing scary out of it. But as always, horror movies start out like a blank sheet of paper and tries to develop the estrangement of the plot and characters gradually.

I took the hint of the random doorbell with no one outside waiting as a sign that things will start to get weird. The plot continues as Jess rides of to harbor to meet her friend Greg, together with his friends: Sally and Downey, the married couple; Victor, the runaway kid that lives with Greg; and Heather. As they sail towards the deep they encounter a massive storm that capsizes their boat.

Crude Plot Summary

Fortunately, or unfortunately they end up boarding this weird abandoned ship liner. Jess finds her own keys, the others head for the dining area while Jess and Greg finds a message written in blood in the restroom mirror “Go to the theatre”, Greg goes to the theatre, Jess is left alone and Victor attacks him, Victor dies from a wound on the back of his head, Jess hears a gunshot in the theatre, Greg is dead, they blame Jess, Downey and Sally gets shot and dies, Jess escapes but is chased down by a masked assailant, Jess overpowers the assailant throwing him out of the ship, then Jess sees a group of survivors waving at her.

The plot continues on as Jess realizes that it is all loop and struggles her way out of the ship only to arrive at the point where the movie started. She witnessed herself taking care of her autistic son Tommy. Then the real Jess kills the ‘Taking-care-of-Tommy-Jess” drives of with Tommy gets into a car accident killing his child. She grabs a cab back to the harbor to meet Greg and his friends and loop continues on.

(At this point I shall assume that that the readers of this blog has seen the movie: as this is a movie review and not a plot summary although I have provided one above)

Actual Movie Review

I honestly think the concept of the movie and the storyline is executed well. However, the production in terms of effects, lighting, and the way story’s setting (the liner, the boat, the neighborhood) was kinda off. I figured that this was a low budget film, given that it still deserves praise as it was not a totally a bad production set. The script in terms of the lines of character were also not that profound and nothing really can be taken away from what they said, everything the characters said was very operational and dull.

I loved the way that you expect nothing good from this horror film as it starts out but the storyline really made the difference from a bad movie to a really good movie. Triangle is not the usual horror movie that emits a feeling of bone-shaking, pants-pissing horror. It emits a certain feeling of distress and anxiety that is very distinct. A kind of existential discontent, the feeling of repetitiveness and that it is indeed unescapable makes it (for a lack of a better word, forgive me) scary.

The characters as they boarded the liner drops a few hints on the mythology of Aeolus the god of winds, the father of Sisyphus. Sisyphus then cheats death and is punished to forever roll a boulder up a mountain only to watch it roll down and roll it back up again for the rest of time. This caught my attention because of how smooth they dropped the myth on the viewers and not some usual, “main-guy-researches-and-finds-out-the-nature-of-the-evil-they’re-facing movie”.

My theory is Jess actually died on shipwreck and the events that followed that loops are all post-death events that are a repetition of the “rolling the boulder up the hill”. This is a kind of 2nd life which she lives continuously while “cheating death”– she is alive, but not really “living a life”. The impossibility of having the repetitive dead birds on the shore and many other recurring objects shows the unreality of the life Jess is ‘living’, a rather weird kind of afterlife I presume.





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