Deadgirl: Fake friends and monsters

Starting out in a boring side of an American town. Where nothing much really happens– two teenagers, JT and Ricky cuts class for some hot beer on an abandoned building. This is where the two punks find a corpse like but alive semi-attractive girl. This is where the horror sets in, the feeling of an unknown unidentified but moving and especially alive in a way, body of a woman lying inside a decrepit building somewhere at the edge of town. Will it bite? Will it suddenly stand up and start a bloody fiasco with the teens? (For sure it didn’t which is kinda boring but I gave the benefit of the doubt and continued watching it).

Deadgirl (2008) is a horror movie involving a monster, the said zombie girl. In analyzing and making a review of this film I’d like to present a rather ‘misandrical’ way of viewing it; also I’d like to make a disclaimer in which I’d say I have read a review of a film presenting it in a feminist perspective, I will not do that, that would be plagiarism and boring. I will present the film in a misandrical way. Misandry or a hate for men is seen in the film. The boys JT and Ricky discovers a monster, but in the struggle and length of the plot they find themselves to be the monsters they never really knew.

I’d like to note that I did not enjoy the film I’d give it a 2/10 rating, plus THE MOVIE IS NOT SCARY AT ALL– I’m very sorry, Marciel Sarmiento and whoever the other director was (lazy to google). But, I have to give it to the actors they were really tight in representing the angst and horror of the lustful teenage youth. The plot is very dragging, it’s like watching the horrors of the Japanese-PH invasion or some boring documentary film. The music is really tense, which is what I feel, is the only thing holding the horror feel together.

Back to the main point, oh yeah– misandry. First that thing the catches my attention is that the JT is the real representative of “why-women-hate-men-contest” clearly he’ll win first place in that competition. He starts of by playing the best friend game saying that he’ll never tell anybody, but tomorrow shows up another trashy teenage loser named Wheeler who shags the corpse of a girl the next day. Wheeler being the next douchebag, starts to ask questions of origin of the girl seeming like he cared but then punches a hole in the stomach of the girl and never really cared about it nonetheless. Johnny and Dwyer the two jerky jocks that forced Ricky to take them to the deadgirl using their oh so masculine attributes and cocky bravado to do so, tallies another score of why women hate men. Then comes the scene of the most dramatic blow job in the history of men, where the viewers are made to expect that Johnny’s dick is gonna be chomped of– being a predictable film that it is– yes, Johnny’s dick got chomped of by deadgirl, ha! Ricky clearly is the less of evils and the less monstrous of the boys. But, I shall prove later by looking at the movie’s end that he indeed, nonetheless was like the other boys– hate attracting and disappointing. He was trying to fight this fiasco of enslaving and sexualizing a non-attractive female, which is by the way far from attractive. He fights JT in trying to set free this deadgirl, but to no avail, the evil side got the upper hand at the end of the day.

Side note, in the middle of the stressful misadventures and events happening in the movie, there are scenes of humor, where two teens try to jump a girl and they get beat up in a very unfashionable manner. This shows how weak men are, I think (?).

And to the climax, JT also climaxes as a douche taking Joanne captive, this attractive young girl tied up right behind deadgirl. Drama, drama, drama– and the movie ends converting Joanne to a deadgirl, which he then turns to her sex slave. The very ‘monstrosity’ he tried to oppose was the very thing that turned himself and the girl into a monster.





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