Evildead: Horror overdose

Evildead (2013) as I’ve known has been a classic horror film back in 1981. This remake was totally a great comeback for the film, and has utilized the 21st century cinematography and such to recreate a masterful horror film such as this. Okay, now for the review:

I myself am not a fan of horror; because of that I have watched only the famous ones, the one-word-title horror movies– and nonetheless Evildead has turned out to be my favorite. The camera shots are amazing, the ambience set by the effects using a gloomy dark grey almost a hopeless and enigmatic filter. The moments for shock factors was put timely and is effective in giving the viewers enough paranoia for when something would show up. The suspense of whether the persons are possessed or not, whether they’re lying or not– a certain uncertainty gives this movie an edge of the seat experience.

Movie starts of with high energy– almost like a climax where a possessed girl is taken to some basement to be captured, burned, and shot. Then, the films motion of action slows down for the ‘real intro’ where Mia with his brother David, and a group of friends travel to some unknown old cabin in the woods. The movie unfolds itself in a very subtle manner, never revealing everything all at once. Using clues on the friends’ conversation reveals that Mia has had a drug problem and the friends are intervening as help for her recovery. This is exactly where the movie got my attention, the blur between paranormal and normal creates a blur between reality and supra-reality for the Mia and her company. Is the withdrawal symptoms causing her to act weird, or is it a foreshadowing of how she’ll act when possessed? This is common theme along the storyline, causing them to doubt that something is really wrong with here paranormally. Which only caused more trouble for them of course.

That doubtful attitude created so much tension in the film, it is also a site of horror in analysis. It creates a schism between you and the people, which cause them to identify you more as an other and objectify your current situation as something that ‘they can handle’, or tell you ‘just get it together’. This is indeed a site of horror as it happens to many mental health issues where people just identify sick people as ‘weird’, ‘crazy’. The feeling of not being understood is where this feeling of horror is coming from.

Now, since this is a horror movie review, for this film I would just like to highlight some of the best scenes I found to be most horrifying and maybe give a little analysis on why so.

Three scenes that I liked: where David discovers his dog Grandpa lying dead in the shack, the movie flashes a 2 second scene where possessed Mia was hammering the dog’s head with such delight over a scream of pure insanity; Mia licks a cutter and blood flushes out of her tongue and she kisses Natalie exchanging saliva and blood; Eric smashes Olivia’s head of out of trauma for Olivia trying to kill him.

I liked these scenes because it reveals how evil a possessed person might get, how someone might lose sight of what’s good and bad. It’s utterly scary to know that a possessed person could brutally kill someone just because he/she wants to.

The film has created many gory scenes for the viewer to behold in terror. This kind of gore that I have experienced from Evildead is incomparable to the kind of gore perhaps Tarantino would offer. It is more evil and more horrific than the usual gore movie, as most of them are self inflicted: meat cutter to the arm, slicing out a smile on your cheeks using a blunt blade, licking a cutter with a tongue, pulling out your stuck arm from it’s joint sockets, etc…

The movie also employs a fairly well written plot. By well written meaning that what the characters foreshadowed (and of course the audience expected) is not what happens. At one point Eric said that they only needed to choose one way of killing her: burn her down, bodily dismemberment, or live burial. I expected David to burn her down, but he didn’t– but in a way at the end he did. But, that’s not where it stops, it goes back to the book where it says that once it captures 5 souls it will take human form and rain blood destroy humanity blabla– and thank God it did. This part of the movie created the most stress for me its the feeling of ‘WHY ISN’T IT OVER YET? I WANNA PEE MY PANTS NOW’. Long story short, Evildead: Best horror movie ever.

All in all, the movie has captured what I was looking for in a horror movie, gore, edge-of-the-seat suspense, timely shocking scene, a great storyline– a 99/100 for me.






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