Sound effects and background music make a big chunk of horror or thriller films. I believe that they are the most important elements because they set the mood of the scene. In my opinion, a horror film is only good when I find myself drawn by the music/effects. Music is the biggest contributor when it comes to getting the viewer’s adrenaline pumping because it sets the tone before any event actually occurs. This was the very reason that got me excited the moment I heard the eerie humming of the main character (Jess) in the beginning. Creepy music always gets me.

At the start, I thought Jess’ son was going to be possessed by an evil spirit or demon. I observed that kids are often used as a bridge horror films with kids in it are often used as a bridge for the dead to the living. As soon as I saw Jess’ body language I assumed that she had a psychological thing going on. I tried predicting the film by assuming that she would kill everyone by accident since I thought she had mental issues (judging from her nervous disposition).

As the movie progressed, I wondered how they were going to scare the audience in broad daylight. It was also in the middle of the ocean so I did  not think that it added to the horror feel. The moment I felt goosebumps however was when they heard a mysterious call from a woman. The voice was haunting, “He’s shooting us.” I thought that it was going to be another “Captain Philips” film to be honest. I figured that they were going to be dealing with pirates in the middle of the ocean and that was it. As soon as they got on board the empty ship my emotions changed. The fact that no one welcomed them was odd and unsettling. I realized that the movie was about the Bermuda Triangle and how its myths were incorporated within the storyline. I have a faint memory of the myths. Time stops, you get lost in the middle of the ocean and scenarios just loop around.
I found the “looping” idea brilliant. Even though it did not display ghosts or paranormal activity (my favorite horror genre), the very idea/thought of the film’s story scared me. It was only in the end that the passing conversation between Jess and one of her friends regarding the painting/photo (the god Aeolus) on the ship made sense. Since it was mentioned that Aelous (keeper of the wind) cheated death I came to understand that she was continuously cheating death as well for she  kept refusing to cross to the afterlife with the mysterious cab driver. I also assumed that the cab driver was Aelous himself  helping with her endless limbo.

I would have to say that David G. Hartnell’s three streams of horror is all present in the film. First, the moral allegory was seen in the battle of good and evil (the murderer and the guests) and the “intrusion of into supernatural evil into reality.” The fact that the scenes were repeating again and again was something that was unusual and attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding. Second, the psychological horror demonstrates itself in the actions of Jess, “deviant or abnormal human psychology.” The abnormal human (Jess) as Hartnell explains causes the horror in the film. Third, the fantastic was also exhibited. The fact that the audience and the innocent characters were clueless about what was happening was in itself a feature of the third stream of horror. “No explanation is offered or the explanation makes no sense in everyday reality.”

The film  reminded me of “Run Lola Run” except that Triangle was more intense. The film Run Lola Run, started in medias res and only had one one situation but different scenarios. Triangle had more depth and levels it was also all over the place.

I would definitely recommend the film to others. I think it was the most mind-boggling film I have ever watched. The editing of scenes, transitions and crazy sequence was outstanding. It was frustratingly good. I was in awe of the sequence and scenes. It was misleading and complex. The plot twist in the end was perfect. I have never watched a film like Triangle before. I also found it interesting because I am a big fan of conspiracy theories. I have an uncle who lives in Bermuda and I asked him hundreds of times if it was real — he would always laugh and say that it was just a myth. I am actually planning to go visit them in the future. I would love to see the Caribbean but I have to admit that the thought of crossing the “triangle” still makes me uneasy.



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