Baby, Baby, Baby… Oh!

We all know that there is not a stronger bond between a mother and child. It is said that a mother will go through lengths for her son, and it is unparalleled as nothing can compare to this kind of love. But, what happens if it is taken to the extreme? Is there any negative effects in a mother’s love? Grace is a perfect example of how something so innocent and founded by love can be so dangerous and be a center of a horror film.

Grace is a horror film centered around a woman named Madeline. While pregnant, she had gotten in a car accident that presumably killed her in born child. But, the child was conceived anyway and Grace was born. It was clear at this point that there was something wrong with Grace and was deemed to be dangerous. Even with this fact, Madeline still took care of her child, even going through lengths that harmed other people in the process just to protect her child.

For me, the central theme of the movie is that it shows the dark side of doing everything for a person. Also its focus on the bad side of trying to achieve your goals. One example was how Madeline was so desperate to get a child. Madeline was delusional and blinded by the fact that she wanted to have a child for so long, and now that she has gotten one, she will do anything for her. She made it her purpose to do anything for her daughter to the point that she was already harming other people in the process without her knowing. There was even a scene where she killed the doctor and get her blood just so she can feed it to her baby. Because of this, there is a supernatural essence in the movie through Grace. There is obviously something off about her, and this was properly shown in the movie by attracting flies, her bites leaving marks, among others. This is one of the aspects that make the movie a horror film for me because of this extraordinary things.

Another theme is loss, or what people do to get over this loss. Vivian was the mother of Michael, the husband of Madeline who died in the car accident. Vivian was so affected by this loss that she tried to do everything just to get through this loss. She even tried to conceive another child with her husband even if it seemed impossible given her age. But, what she settled for is to try her best to take care of Grace, fearing that Madeline was incapable of doing so. She might have a point, but I think is what drives her is her need to have a child again. This can be seen in the movie through Vivian’s continuous pestering to Madeline, who didn’t want her help. This served as one of the conflicts found in the movie and it ended with both of them fighting physically over Grace, which the movie presumed Vivian to have died in.

The movie is a treat to watch. There is a sense of empathy to what Madeline is feeling, but this movie dramatizes the lengths a mother will go through for her child. Anything excess is considered bad. Who knew there was actually a bad thing that we can get out of loving too much?


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