“Watch out! It’s Coming!” “Where?”

It Follows is a psychological horror movie that focuses on Jay, a woman who is followed around by “It”. I enjoyed the movie because it doesn’t rely on jump-scares to frighten the viewers, as it focuses on the psychological and thriller aspect. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole movie, because you literally never really know who or when “It” comes out. This is something that I appreciate about the movie because it’s not meant to surprise you, but the movie is meant to show that feeling of horror mentally. The pace of the movie was arguably slow, since the concept of “It” was vague, but it still did its job of frightening viewers.

First off, I found it very amusing at what “It” symbolizes. There is actually an importance of “It” as it personifies and dramatizes the othering of sexually transmitted diseases. It serves as a representation of how this disease can potentially be fatal. Also, since “It” can be transferred only through sexual interaction, it reasserts how “It” is the metaphor of AIDS. This also symbolizes how something so desirable like sex can offer bad things for a person in the future.

What I like about the movie is because of this, it’s not just a movie that is meant to entertain us, but it has real-life application that we can apply to our world now. It offers lesson beyond what the movie is about, as it is also a form of reality check of something that is actually prevalent in our society right now, which are the sexually transmitted diseases.

Furthermore, “It” can also be something that is psychological. Not everybody sees it, and it only affects the host. It gauges how something like this can be so psychological since it affects how one thinks. An example is how Jay was so affected by “It”, that she experienced several mental breakdowns that caused alarm among her friends. “It” offered a sense of paranoia, not knowing where “It” was most of the time, and making Jay fear for her life almost all day. She did not feel safe wherever she is, even if she’s with her friends. This took an emotional toll on Jay and really affected her well-being.

What I found interesting is how the movie has elements from the article “When the Woman Looks”. What caught my attention is the hallway scene wherein Jay refused to move as she saw “it” draw closer and closer. This can be explained in the article where it states that “The woman’s gaze is punished”. This is explained as the transformation of curiosity and desire into masochistic fantasy. “The monster or the freak’s own spectacular appearance holds her originally active, curious look in a trance-like passivity that allows to master her through her look. At the same time, this look momentarily shifts the iconic center of the spectacle away from the woman to the monster.” Jay’s look of horror towards “it” paralyzes her and this allows “it” to be able to move closer to Jay and closely and closely becomes a threat to Jay. Even if Jay knows the danger of “It”, she remains paralyzed just by the gaze, and evokes a feeling of helplessness for Jay.

Another thing about the movie with regard to the article was about the claim of the article that “she only exists to be looked at”. It gives off that norm that the females in the movie are just there to become the “eye-candy” of the film. They are deemed to always be the damsel in distress, who is just there in the movie just to be saved later on. But, the film breaks this notion as the protagonist of the movie is actually a female. It shows that even the female can be portrayed as the hero of the movie, and not just someone who is helpless and can’t defend herself. This can be seen in the climax of the movie, where it was Jay who devised the plan and was “successful” in killing “It”.

Another thing that I liked about the movie is that is has an open-ended ending. It is left in the viewer’s imagination as to how the movie ends. The last scene is Jay walking in the street after she “killed” “It” but it wasn’t really confirmed if she was successful. A person seems to be following Jay, who can be “It”, but the movie ends before this is confirmed.

All in all It Follows is a really nice horror movie. It was psychological without resorting to jump-scares, but is equally as terrifying as other good horror movies.


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