Friends and Others

May can be compared to an average teenage girl undergoing her own teenage angst. She only wants to be loved by people and socialize but underwent the process of “othering” due to having abnormality in her eye which made her different to the eyes of many. What made me sad even more is her basis of the idea of perfection. Perfection equates to her doll friend, something in-animate, something impossible to even be replicated by human beings. However, I cannot entirely blame her since society has its own standards. Unfortunately, she was considered an outcast just because of an external factor that she does not have any control of.

This then, paved the way for May to harness anger against everyone who played with her emotions. As soon as she finds hope in finding someone real and alive to confide to, they reject her in the most hurtful way. I can’t blame her though for what she did, all she wanted was to be loved, but instead hurt her in every way. I was not really surprised when she came out deciding she will make her own friend. One who will accept her for who she is – which resulted chopping of the body parts that she likes from different people and sewing them together. Again, the idea of perfection can be seen here. What I got from this scene is she will never accept herself and how she looks, but needs someone to validate her existence and tell her that she looks perfectly normal.

Another point that interested me is the idea of “the other” as a threat to the normal way of life. One example of “the other” is Polly who exhibits a sexual behavior that is not deemed normal. Indeed, she was a threat to the potential relationship of Adam and May, however she was also removed from the equation as May being of a higher order of “the other” (since she’s an outcast due to her physical appearance as opposed to sexuality which can be hidden) practically eliminated all of them. What I’m saying is, isolating someone and making them as “the other” can be dangerous. The movie exaggerated it since it is a movie to begin with, but considering someone as an outcast can result to something so negative, to an extent that can lead “the other” to hurt herself or others.

For me, what made it a horror genre was the whole process of May transforming to her monster self. What is interesting is that this movie was able to show that people who were perceived as weak individuals can become so strong and are even capable of killing others. Blood and chopping off body parts were just some of its bonuses. To go as far as chopping off other body parts just to create a friend that would not reject her is of a serious matter at least in the film. That’s how strong society can be in terms of setting up standards, and how it gravely affects people who cannot meet the standards set by the majority.


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