From Zero to Hero

The film Evil Dead is very much a typical slasher film, not to say that it was bad since it was typical. It was a very good slasher film just very ordinary. It had all the elements of a typical horror film, they were stuck in the middle of nowhere ( this time it’s in the middle of the forest), it was a group of 5-6 people of different sex and ethnicity, there seems to no way out or way to contact the outside world, and there’s a dumb character who despite all common sense and logic decides to open up a book sealing a curse.

Of course while watching the movie, you see the usual bodily fluids meant to disgust the viewers, piss, sweat, vomit, and blood lots and lots of blood. Like most typical slasher films the blood flows in a violent manner often after being severely cut or having a body part cut off and is often shown in a very graphic and violent manner. And of course you have the moron who despite all common sense looks for trouble and opens up something that shouldn’t be opened. In this case it was a book that was well hidden and covered with warnings that he of course ignores. The said moron in this film however isn’t the first to die and in fact outlasts many of his friends despite him deserving to die first due to his stupidity. Eric however ( the moron who opened the book in the first place) is quite sympathetic in this movie, and knows what he was done and seems to show sincere regret for getting all of them in this mess.

If there was anything unique about this movie it would have to be that the final protagonist to go up against the final form of the monster was a female character. It initially looked like it would be the male protagonist who saved his little sister from the final monster but there was a plot twist and the monster was still alive and kicking and it ended up being the little sister that would be able to finally defeat the monster.

This is where the concept of the Final Girl comes in, we can see here the slow transformation of the main female protagonist Mia. She was initially the weak one of the siblings. In fact she was the reason they were in the cabin in the first place because of the fact that she was weak. She had a drug problem and couldn’t control it. In the first part of the movie she was possessed by the monster  and was in no control of herself. In fact she was the monster for the majority of the movie and it wasn’t until her brother rescued her that she was back to normal. When the final monster finally came out though. only she was left standing. Despite her being the underdog and the character you’d least expect to last the longest due to her weaknesses she manages to outlast the others and even defeat the final monster. There is a transformation from the character of Mia, from the weak link of the group that everybody had to care for and help her battle her addiction to the Final Girl, a strong and brave character who can fight her own battles and defeat what others have failed to defeat. From a feminine character, Mia takes on the role of a masculine character and what would otherwise be the role of a male protagonist. Here Mia whom, throughout the movie was battling either addiction or possession and needed her friends and her brother to survive evolved as a character. Towards the end of the film Mia was not only surviving but was thriving alone and realizing her strengths as an individual.

Of course aside from the concept of the Final Girl I think the film plays with the underlying tone of drugs and drug addiction throughout the movie. Mia overcoming the drug the spirit who possessed her is similar to her overcoming her battles with drug addiction. At the start she may seem helpless and while induced with drugs, similar to being possessed you have no control over what you do and often times hurt the people you care about the most. And battling pass the addiction may often feel like battling something that has possessed you, and you need the support of your family and friends. After overcoming addiction however, it’s similar to Mia overcoming the monster. From somebody dependent you come out a strong warrior; you realize that you don’t need it and you can overcome the monsters or the challenges of this world on your own and without it. This could be drugs or any other addiction be it alcohol, cigarettes, or a bad relationship. We feel like were battling with ourselves and may even be possessed but once we overcome it and we are in charge once again of our own lives there is an internal transformation in ourselves and we become the final heroes who are able to defeat the final boss.



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