Grace: I hate this movie


Madeline Matheson has been trying to get pregnant for some time with her husband Michael. After they succeed in impregnating Madeline, she consults an alternative practicioner of medicine named, Patricia Lang, she disobeys her mother-in-law Vivian in consulting a legitimate OB gynecologist. But things turn from good to bad when they both get in to a car accident, killing her husband and the unborn baby inside her. Out of sentimentality and stubbornness Madeline decides to carry the dead baby inside her and still wants to birth out the baby. However, the baby Grace for some eerie reason was delivered successfully and alive.

Initial reactions on the film

I would like to state as early as now that this has to be the softest horror movie I have ever seen, it goes with the pretensions of being fucked up but fails miserably in doing so. The supposed horror conveyed doesn’t succeed in reaching out to me. All I felt at best was unease wanting the movie to end already. The attempts of disturbing the viewers with this idea of an undead baby and stubborn irrational taboo love of the mother seems corny to me. I couldn’t relate to the mother’s love, I couldn’t relate to loving an undead, I couldn’t relate to the horror’s of pregnancy, or bloody tits at all. The slow pace of the film was maybe natural because nothing really shocking could really happen, just a day to day coping with a dead baby is what it is.

The target of the nightmare of the movie seems to be the expecting mothers together with their husbands. Again, I do not see this coming into success as the husband has been killed and there were no stage for conflict between the two of them. Plus, no one is really afraid of a zombaby a weaker version of the more sly and cunning tiyanak that could rip you apart and eat you alive. The zombaby in the film is just too weak, too dependent, I didn’t feel scared at all, I’m sorry folks.


To the other bloggers or to Sir, I know I’m required to suppose to write about Grace in a way that would give justice to the film but I would not do so. In here I don’t mean to bash the directors and the writers of the film, it’s just that I could not write a meaningful review in a detached way. I write as a viewer of the film not an professional film critique so, pardon my bad language, but still I shall do my best to analyze the film based on the readings and concepts learned in class.

In Barbara Creed’s, “Horror and the Monstrous-Feminine: An Imaginary Abjection”

she defines abject as that which does not ‘respect borders, positions, rules’ . . . that which ‘disturbs identity, system, order”. In the film the abject is certainly the mother. She causes harm to the baby and to herself in trying to push the limits and borders of what is normal just to retain the position or status of motherhood. I have to give Grace this point in which it was very disturbing to see someone go as far as harming oneself and others just trying to baby her emotions of letting go something which is already lost. It could be justified by mother’s love all the corny bullshit but then again the love is gross, the love is construed in a sense of using the baby as an accessory for status or even an accessory to her desires as woman– and let me just say that I hate it ha ha.

Also, I’d like to throw shade on this Vivian as well, I’m sorry Vivian but you are one narcissist asshole. At the beginning of the film she continues to impose her will on the couples which are supposedly old enough to decide on their own. Her condescending narcissistic tendencies grows even more when Michael dies. She assumes that she is a better parent than Madeline and wishes to take over her role as the mother of grace. She even tries her capability of producing breastmilk to feed Grace, which is disturbing.

The OH MY GOD ending at the end was cringe worthy at best but then, the attempts to being too edgy just precipitated sighs and irritation from me. They expected me to go “Oh my god bloody titties!” as if it wasn’t a scene I have been expecting since the start of the zombaby eating momma’s mammary glands plot. Again, nothing that we haven’t seen before and certainly something I would not want to watch again. I didn’t like the film, but they did a good job of expressing the idea of the abject as the mother, but other than that, it’s a 1/10 for me.








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