Marriage of Horror and Romance

Spring was a beautiful movie. I am sucker for Romantic stuff, and I like horror, so this was an amazing experience for me. For the most part, a lot of my fear came from not knowing what to expect. Throughout the entire film I was wondering what the monster could be. At first, I thought it would have something related to the guy Evan punched, and then it would turn into gang related thing, but no. The movie took its time to set up. It placed all the pieces together. Gave use the feel of how Evan’s life was, what was going on in his mind, and sharing that experience with us. Spring has the tropes of a horror movie, but also has the sensibilities of a romantic movie, with a touch of sci fi.

World building. The film was paced in a way that mimicked how Evan took things at that point in his life. I felt lost, confused, taking the scenic route. Note sure of where it was going but allowing the glow of events carry me downstream. It was relaxing, surreal. Evan also went to a foreign land with no one he knew to come along with him. He was, in all sense, lost, and so was I. It was a good kind of lost. It was the kind that made me want to keep walking cause what the heck. You never know what to expect. Then there’s this girl, Louise. Beautiful girl. It’s here where the romantic part begins, and Evan starts to change. From a filling of drifting in the air, there was a direction to follow. Evan begins to move in a line, gaining momentum. Not knowing where it would lead him, he plows through.

The fear in this is the feeling of the unknown, and yet we dare step forward forgetting about that fear. Forgetting that fear is scarier in retrospect. It’s like getting into a relationship that later is quite toxic, and you only fear it once it’s done. Louise, is a big unknown, from the start she doesn’t like revealing a lot about herself, she is always on a hurry, she insists on coming out at night only. In normal circumstances this is suspicious, for a romantic film this is exhilarating, for a horror film you expect her to literally eat you up.

Though, I find myself wanting more, it might be the romantic within me, but in no way, did I forget that this was also a horror movie. All the tropes were there. A mysterious girl, who is apparently a monster, unfamiliar setting, getting yourself into something that you might not be able to get out of (So is Louise now pregnant?  I mean since she didn’t use Evan’s seed to rebirth herself doesn’t that mean that it would work like a normal seed now?). But, this also sounds like a good plot for a romance movie. These two genres, though quite different, not opposite, worked well in this kind of story.

Looking at it through John Clute’s Four movements, but let’s look at it in the romance side. Sighting: the romance story begins when Evan eyes meet with a beautiful girl as he arrives in a small town. This makes him interested especially since he sees this same girl again at the bar. Thickening: Evan, gets curious about the girl as she has reserves on her personal history and is a bit distant when it came to certain things. Eventually, she would try to shoo Evan away as to not hurt him. Revel: He finds out the truth about Louise by seeing her transforming into an algamation of several creatures combined. Instead of running away, or dying at the hands of the monster, Evan, instead, helps Louise by injecting her with the suppressor. He is given the option to leave or stay, and after a quick consideration, decides to stay with her. Aftermath: Evan finds out that there are somethings in the world that can’t be explained, but aren’t necessarily scary, bad, or supernatural, and he ends up with the girl.

Now, let’s look at the four movements through Horror. Sighting: Evan, sees the beauty in front of him unknowing the “monster” that she is. He is baited and is lured towards her. Thickening: Evan decides to stay longer and meet Louise more, getting closer and closer, more attached to her letting his guard down, and his hopes up. Revel: Evan finds out through witnessing the transformation of Louise himself about what she is. He talks to her and finds out more. He is not in any direct danger, but now the horror is whether they’ll make things work or not, whether Evan will get killed by staying with Louise or not. Aftermath: Evan and Louise end up together with the knowledge that something like this is possible.

After comparison, this is more a romance movie, and the only way I can see it being horror is the presence of a monster. But in a deeper inspection, the real horror lies in the decision one makes in relation to love. Questions like will you stay knowing the worst of a person? Will you be able to deal with the consequences of your actions? Are you willing to risk it all, literally, life, money, future, in some far away land with a girl you just met a week ago for a chance of a future? These questions and others are what scares young people about relationships. We may view our significant other as monsters, as risks to our lives. Love itself is horror.


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