May that never happen to me…..

Did anyone else get a certain trauma from watching this movie? Like for some reason you can’t walk past a certain without thinking that they have a closet full of dead bodies in their room? Yeah. Me neither. However I Did have to shield my vision from certain parts that were just a bit too explicit for a 21 year old. just kidding. Actually that is a complete lie, but in the movies defense I do think that they needed that since it was part of the theme or tone of the movie. Which was twisted childhood which leads to a slippery slope transition into psycho killer girl.

The thing about horror films is that they are there to sort of shock your norms and take you to the edge of your seat. I don’t think this film did that for me. However, I believe that instilling you  with disgust also factors in to some horror films and that is where i would place this one. The scenery and detail was overwhelming that I feel like people should not watch this on an empty stomach.

In the movie it starts out by showing May and her only friend the creepy doll. Which by the way is what I thought was going to be the heart and soul of the movie but later on wasn’t. But more on that later… In the start of the film they slowly start to show May’s personality and what kind of person she is. My impression of her was that she was a very awkward girl who didn’t really understand social norms due to her lack in the friend department. We then get introduced to her Co- worker who might be the polar opposite of May, Polly. Polly, is quite the character with her ecstatic personality and passive aggressive charm. Next we meet the reason behind the madness, Adam. Adam seems to be the best because of his big, soft, and downright amazing…..hands. Yes, his hands. They are what triggered May’s inner psycho to be unleashed. The other side characters such as the stripper and random dude she was trying to go for are mainly fillers in this twisted movie. Well to be more accurate I guess they were more like the missing pieces to the messed up puzzle. This messed up puzzle that I am referring to is actually a human made doll for a lack of better words. What caused her to snap was actually the destruction of her first and only friend. The doll. When that happened she lost her mind and it turned her into this psycho who was hell bent on replacing her friend by any means necessary. You’d think that she could check the nearest Toys R us outlet or Target nearby. Nope. She decides to do the most screwed up thing…. She decides to make her last friend. Which obviously did not come to life and ended up costing her a perfectly good eye. Like i said, it’s definitely not what I expected in a sense that It isn’t about a scary doll. But a scary doll maker.

The movie gave off a sound track however that was unlike most horror films I have encountered. It sort of went for that we don’t really have scary music to play so were just going to play some chill day time music. which I did not really have a problem with since it sort of took out that extra fear factor brought by the sound track or sound effects. Also, one thing I still can’t understand was the doll. Besides some small symbolism and a bit of a dramatic scene. I thought it would have a greater impact on the film. They had another tool for scaring the crap out of us but they opted not to use it. It did make them unique however because every other movie I’ve seen with a creepy doll, involved the creepy doll basically murdering everyone.

All in all I think the movie gave off a type of psycho killer vibe. They managed to back up this vibe I think since the backstory made me feel like this could be possible if that really happened to someone. Like someone is just one messed up childhood and broken doll away from becoming the next May. Let us pray that never happens. It wasn’t one of my favorite movies but it did give me some mini heart attack moments. Also, it definitely gave me some hide behind your hands moments.


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