Now you’re inn for it…..

You know how in the movie Clash Of The Titans they take like 30 minutes to bring out the Kraken monster but end up killing said monster in like 3 minutes. It was slightly different in a sense that they didn’t actually catch the monsters in the Innkeepers. The movie did however have a slow start.

It started out by introducing the main character Claire as kind of a normal girl stuck in a weird town with weird people. For example when she buys a cup of coffee and her and the sales person have an awkward encounter. Don’t forget about her not so normal co-worker Luke. Luke, is introduced right off the bat for being in to ghost and paranormal activity. Since this is a weird town in a horror film it has an inn where no one stays and must therefore be closed down. This inn is of course cursed by someone who died in it previously. Things start to get strange as a some what famous actress checks in to the hotel. Claire happens to be a fan of this actress but later on finds out that she changed vocation and deals more with super natural things. They all team up to try and figure out the story of Madelline and why she won’t leave Yankee Pedlar Inn. Later in the movie a strange old man appears and checks in to the inn only to kill himself in the banyo and becomes a ghost as well. I don’t know if we are led to believe that this old man was the husband of Madelline. Leanne then tries to make contact with the ghosts and warns Claire that they want her dead ( Madelline and the Old man). However, I didn’t understand why the ghost of Madelline wanted to kill Claire so bad (more on that later). Most likely curiosity killed the cat. The movie ends with Claire being killed and Luke leaving the inn. However , the cause of death was her falling and hitting her head ironically not being able to be pinned to the ghosts.

Furthermore, regarding Claire’s death, I don’t think that the ghosts were actually trying to kill her. I think that Leigh foresaw that Claire would become a spirit in that inn but she didn’t know how it would happen so she told her not to go down to the basement. So that she wouldn’t end up dead there and become a spirit. Ironically, her trying to figure out how to stay alive is what killed her when she was startled by one of the ghosts.

This movie had a style that I had never noticed in a movie before where they have a lot of scenes that build up to a scary part but nothing ends up happening (hence Clash of titans reference). Literally 3/4s of the movie was like this. This created a sort of monster that was never there. It causes the audience to fear something that hasn’t appeared or done anything yet. That is what makes this movie interesting. It comes off as a terrifying film without anything actually happening. All done via effects and angles! I don’t think that the movie itself was scary, but I do think it had a lot of scary features. For example, the camera angles and lighting was very scary. They had either very intense aggressive motions or very suspenseful slow motions both of which were used throughout the film which blended well with the scenes. Another feature that I thought was very scary was the sound effects. It some how sounded scary which made the vibe scary. So even though the plot wasn’t so terrifying it still managed to bring you to the edge of fear but never fully pushes you off. Until finally it ends up pushing you which you of course see coming. I also did like the character of Claire. I like that she brings a cute comic relief to the film. It partners with the strange bum character Luke.

The ending was interesting to me beause

To sum it all up, the Innkeepers wasn’t the best of movies. However, there were some good qualities such as the cinematography. The movie also had its comedic moment. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t the best of horror films. But, I do think that was intended by the director. I feel like the object of the movie was sort of play with our imagination and it tricks us into scaring ourselves via our imaginations. That combined with this strange cast creates a rollercoaster of a movie.


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