What is Your Hell?

Being the first horror film for the class, I didn’t know what to expect. Or I had my expectations but these expectations came from what I’d think were classics like Chucky, IT, Nightmare on Elm Street, and other such horror movies with their cult followings. Boy, were my expectations wrong. It was in this film where I gained a better understanding of what horror was.

Horror is a feeling, it’s not necessarily a feeling of fear but uneasiness as well. Uneasiness is how I felt as I watched this film, and it carried over throughout my whole day. One of my biggest concern though is why Triangle?

My initial expectation was that it was something related to the Bermuda Triangle, hence, triangle but I was mistaken there was something deeper. I immediately judged the movie at the start when it felt low budget, but as the story unfolded was something else entirely leaving me uneasy. We start with a scene of the main character telling her child that everything would be ok. Ok… Kind of vague, immediately I think up reasons for why that happened. We then jump to the morning preparation scene with some foreshadowing going on. A ship is seen capsized, and our main character picks it up. So, we can infer that there is going to be an accident at sea. Later, we’ll see her alone and without her child. Where’s the child? I leave this detail on the sidelines and continue with the movie.

The ship does get into an accident and they get stranded, they find a ship that’s somewhat abandoned and get a weird feeling. Honestly, I don’t know what to expect here, I honestly thought there was more of a ghostly mischief lurking but, boy, was I proven wrong. At this point I still feel the low budgety in the film, but that was because of the effects used. As the story progresses, I get more confused. Who is the shooter? I was expecting a monster of some kind, or some invisible ghost that picks everyone of one by one. When it was revealed that it has our main character herself who was the killer it cleared my mind. It placed me into an even deeper form of uneasiness. I started seeing the film in a different light. There was something more here than it superficiality. I guess this was the uneasiness that Mark Jaconvich talks about in his article “Two ways of Looking.” The film looks low budget, but has something in it that feels high class putting you in this weird middle ground state. Of course, it was also because a lot of my expectations were broken so well.

I only got more and more uneasy the further the story went. I felt helpless. I identified myself with the main character, and imagined what I would do in her situation. She went through all the possible emotions, reactions, and actions I would do given her situation. I wondered what was going on. I wanted to save everyone. I wanted to stop myself from killing everyone. I give up to the idea that this will never end, and I must go through the flow of it all. This idea of repeating the scenario, while constantly wanting to change it, only to give up to the idea later, and forget about it troubles me. This brings me to the name of the ship, Sisyphus. She is put in the situation of Sisyphus, a hopeless situation. The uneasiness was put into perspective. What if whatever you do, it will never change, and what is the point of it all? You can’t stop because inevitably it will happen again. The uneasiness is because this is hell.

Hell, is torment unending. How can you make such a torment unending while still not getting used to it? This is how it is. Turn it into a Sisyphus situation. Put yourself in that Triangle. Where you are bound to go through the same points and end up back to the start only to go and make the same turns on the same angles. Or it could be how the mountain is shaped like a triangle, forever too steep for Sisyphus to roll a boulder over. No one wants to feel that hopelessness.

To make matters worse, you are in that hell because you caused it. I understand that the main character just wants to be with her kid to the point that she killed herself, this is another troubling concept. Killing yourself??? Or killing another you? This reminds me of Rick and Morty where they bury their dead selves. I’d probably react the way Morty did. The cause of the hell, however, after reading up online, is because she killed her son. Boom!

She wants to be with her son so bad that she’d kill everyone on the ship and even herself to get to him. She gets to him, only to lose him again and end up at the beginning of the sea trip. And the whole reason why she is in that hell is because she killed her son. You killed your son, and now is put in a situation where you need to kill your friends, and yourself to get to your son, only to lose him again, forgetting everything that happened and doing everything again. Simply hell.


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