Blood, Guts and Evil Dead

In my opinion, if the movie involves a number of teens going to a very sketchy place like a cabin in the middle of nowhere, it’s not worth it. It is the same old formula wherein a bunch of teenagers find something mysterious that is not meant to be touched but then touches it anyway. From there, everything starts going to hell. I’m surprised that this version of Evil Dead, since it is fairly new does not have sex scenes in it, because honestly almost all of the films I have watched with a similar formula has to have sex scenes in it – or maybe the movies I have watched coincidentally has to have these kind of scenes.

Setting aside my views on slasher films, what makes this tale a horror movie, I think, comes in three aspects. 1) Everyone is afraid of anything evil, anything unknown and unseen due to the fact that it is simply unknown, its existence cannot be proven true nor false for that matter. Just like how we think of death, no one knows the truth of afterlife or if there is even an afterlife – which makes me more afraid of death. In connection to things unseen, 2) is the presence of “demons” lurking that are invisible to the naked eye. True, it is not proven scientifically, but there is always this ‘what if’ kind of feeling that stays, especially when I am alone in a dark place. Lastly, 3) the presence of blood, and guts – a taboo that no one wants to see, except if an individual is an avid fan of gore. For me, the presence of such gives me a violent feeling that would really make me turn away from the screen. I love horror movies because I love learning the history of why an individual has become a monster. But if it involves chopping things off, I really have to turn away. Kind of like how the Saw series gave me mixed feelings. The way how the story was progressed through each installment was fascinating, but 70 percent of the time I had to slightly cover my face, or peek a bit whenever something gory came up.

As mentioned earlier, initially I thought slasher films were similar and true enough after taking the course I discovered it does follow a specific formula. It’s fascinating how these films really use settings that are very isolated and weapons that are almost good to no use to emphasize the helplessness of the characters. To use women in this movie, however, I’m still not so sure. Maybe I’m blinded by my own sexuality and refuse to accept that women are usually the monsters in the movie, but I’d like to think of it as positive note that the reason they use women is because we have this extraordinary capability and power to either house another life through pregnancy or end another life through abortion. Which I think can contribute to idea of a ‘final girl’ – that it should not be equated to that of masculine attributes of having an ability to fight the killer but mainly because we have this free will and autonomy to whether give or kill life from the very start.

It also amuses me that before I did not really think of slasher films having more meaning other than slashing off other individuals. It really does lie on the symbolism that the movie is presenting and that horror movies need to be read on another stand point.



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