*cough* Evil Dead *cough*

Evil Dead, a remake of the original film which follows the same plot line is co-written and directed by Fede Álvarez in his directorial debut. The film is about a group of teenagers that set camp in the woods to help Mia, a recovering addict hoping to avoid another relapse.

In Carol J. Clover’s article, “Her body, himself: Gender in the slasher film”, she discusses in relation to the male gaze, most of the time girls are made the victim. More often that not, women in movies are made to hide their knight in shining armor as men are often the heros. She presents us with a sub-genre into horror films namely slasher films. She provided us with a formula which are as follows: killer comes from a dysfunctional family, the beautiful and sexual woman, the isolated setting, the weapon that is not a gun and the use of the victims point of view. These types of movies involve gory scenes and violence that peaked during the 1970- 1980’s. I have seen a number of slasher movies such as The Ring and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Clover also coins a term the Final Girl “the last character left alive to confront the killer” which is the hero of the slasher film but also a victim of the monster. She discusses that slasher films leads in changing gender making the hero a girl rather than being a boy. The film Evil Dead is a good example for the application of the concept of the Final Girl. Unlike the original film, the remake of Evil Dead makes the hero a girl. It was Mia that battled the demon and not her brother David. She mentions that in a movie when a girl dies, she is a victim. However when a man dies, he is a hero that sacrificed himself. In the final girl narrative, men are side characters. They are only an aid to the hero of the film. The gender identification by which the slasher genre is rooted upon builds a weak gender to being the hero that is why it is coupled with the final girl concept.

David is the brother of Mia trying to build her trust back up following his departure years ago. He and his girlfriend, Natalie along with some of Mia’s friends Eric and Olivia goes out to the woods to force his sister to overcome her heroin addiction. Due to its foul stench and blood on the floor, the group discovers the cellar, littered with rotting animal corpses and book called the Naturom Demonto.

Despite writings that warn the next holder of the book, Eric reads the chants aloud. It is quite baffling for someone to be so dumb and read the chants aloud when it was specifically stated not to do it. But hey, it makes a compelling story, right? Personally, I would have left the book alone and would never even dare open it. Once the incantations were read, the monster was awoken. In an attempt to leave the cabin, Mia was attacked in the swamp. It was quite a setup for her being the final girl that outlived all the other persona. When Mia was infected, she passed every thing on to the others. She initially passed the “sickness” to Olivia and Natalie, causing them both to go paranoid and thus fulfilling the drawings in the book. Eric realizes this, so he read on how to fight the beast. He learns that the monster could only be killed through mutilation, burning or being buried alive. The decision to cleanse Mia befell to David and he chose to buy Mia alive in hopes of reviving her. As he successfully revives her, it seemed that they would survive, but David was killed by an infected Eric. Setting Mia against the demon by herself.

I would definitely rank Evil Dead at the top of the list in terms of the movies we have watched in class. It was the movie I missed when I was not present in class and initially, I was reluctant to watch it because it looks scary based on the trailer. However, based on the blogs I have read, my classmates really liked it so I watched it alone. It delivers terror to the viewers, it throws out haymakers after haymakers never really looking to stop. I was even reluctant to put on my earphones to hear the audio because starting from the opening scene where the film introduced us to the monster until the final battle of Mia and the monster, the movie did was only climax after climax. Definitely, Evil Dead did not disappoint.



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