More like a Circle

I was not quite sure how I felt about the movie. Rather than the film being scary, and having much anticipation on where the plot will take you, it was quite tiring as you already have an idea on what was going to happen next. I found myself lost and questioning what exactly was happening in the movie. Deep into the film, I was no longer sure what the plot was all about. I was assuming and mostly hoping that the ending will answer the questions I have collected as the story progressed, however, it only added more questions.

The film was an unusual thriller. However, with how I felt throughout the film, I was not sure if it was really a horror film as it felt more of like a sci-fi movie. It consisted of a mind-bending mystery leaving everyone just as lost as the protagonist was. The protagonist of the film, Jess, took the audience along with her as she desperately tries to make sense of things. I believe that leaving the audience puzzled in a myriad of questions even after the credits is a hugely positive reflection on the movie.

After a few repeats of the same scenes in the movie, it felt more like we were stuck in a circle and the film was becoming more and more predictable. This, for me, took the fun out of watching the film. I was expecting for the film to have that element of thrill and that with just that element present, the lack of being able to deliver that sense of horror is forgivable. However, I just ended up in frustration as it showed that there was really no new information that was uncovered. It just showed that after doing it a couple of times, the protagonist had more idea on how to get herself out of the ship. The movie felt like a game on your console where you just repeat a level after you lost and nothing really new happens; it is just that you now know where to go, where not to go, what to avoid and what to do – you now have an idea of what to expect at every turn.

The film managed to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats, not necessarily because of the suspense, but rather of the anticipation that something new was hopefully to happen in the film. The plot was promising, and quite ambitious for me, however, it was frustrating how the twist only came at the very end which did not really make the viewers feel better. For me, the plot twist in the end did not really make up for the waste of time spent going on in circles half of the movie, as the ending just created an even bigger circle to turn to next. We now know that Jess manages to get out of the ship only to get back on it, but for how long? How does it stop? Will it ever stop? Does this mean she is already dead? Like the scenes in the ship, these questions will continue to go on and on and on.


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