Spring is Here

If it were up to me, I would classify the film Spring as more of a romantic film then a horror film. If you were purely watching it as a horror film you would go as far as saying that the film was a badly made film. However with the way films are made nowadays films are rarely classified just under one genre. As for the film spring it would fall under the genres of horror, romance, and sci fi. As for its classification as a horror film, it uses several tropes associated with horror film. You have the monsters, the killings in the back alley, sacrifices at a cave and that sort of stuff. As for the sci-fi you had the scientific explanations and whatever creature Louise was. And finally the heaviest theme of the film, the romance. The relationship of Louise and Evan was really the priority of the movie. I wouldn’t really call it a horror movie, the same way I wouldn’t call Beauty and the Beast a horror movie just because the Beast looks scary.

The film would very much be a typical romantic film in all sense if not for the insertion of monsters and the reversal of roles. Unlike Beauty and the Beast it is the female who is the monster and it is the male who is the one who will love the other despite their flaws. Towards the end of the film Louise gives up her immortality to be with Evan, the immortality that she has long killed for. Because it is the female who is the monster, this movie can be seen as a feminist movie. Louise objectifies males throughout the movie and uses her looks and her sexuality to get what she needs, which in this case happens to be sex. We can again see the concept of the gaze here with Louise as she uses it to find her prey and lure them in so they can impregnate her and she can survive. From a male perspective it is nice to ponder about how Evan first fell in love with Louise because of her looks rather than knowing straight up she was a monster then falling in love with her. It is interesting to think but if Evan knew from the start that Louise was a monster, like in Beauty and the Beast would he still choose to love her?

Overall this film isn’t scary and so as a horror film it really is a bad horror movie, but as a film it does engage you in other ways as this film tries to do with it’s romance. As a film it does engage its viewer with the romance and the use of monsters and the inter species relationship of Evan and Louise. Overall I would say that I enjoyed the movie but it wouldn’t be a movie that I would rewatch or one that I could watch multiple times. It was an enjoyable movie and engages its viewers, the pacing was nice as there was hardly any boring or dragging scenes in the movie. However there is just something lacking in this movie for me which is why I can’t say that it’s a nice movie or one that could be watched multiple times. I feel that if I did rewatch this film, I wouldn’t have any new insights about the movie and I would enjoy it less. This movie does have it’s fair share of faults. Some of the most notable being that it falls into the typical Disney fairy tail of boy meets girl, it seems highly irrational to me why Evan would decide to invest so much on Louise, despite them hardly really knowing each other. Sure you could argue that this was a point in his life where he was feeling lost because of his mother passing and being fired from his job but if that were the case then it would be even more tragic in the long run. An impulsive move like that may mean that Louise and Evan’s relationship is purely out of impulse and he is not ready to commit to that kind of life with her meaning that Louise sacrificed her immortality for nothing. Even stranger than Evan’s reaction would have to be Louise’s reaction towards Evan. Take note that this was a girl whose lived for hundreds of years and experience a lot of things in life, I don’t find it believable that she would just give up her immortality, something she has killed for, for someone she just met. Aside from that I felt that there was no real chemistry between the characters and the lines exchanged between them could have been a lot better. Add this to the reason why the film was good enough to keep you engaged but not a film you would probably enjoy or gain insight from watching again.


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