Weirder and Weirder

The film manages to creep us out even before getting to the part that was truly unsettling. It used various elements that would make it obvious for most viewers that The Autopsy of Jane Doe is indeed a horror film. It used dead bodies, blood, satanic symbols and the lore of witchcraft. Aside from the elements, its effect on the viewers has also contributed to how it is categorized as a horror film. It managed to evoke a feeling of doom, especially in its isolated setting where, aside from the dead body, there were only two people stuck in a basement with all the other dead bodies. Although the monster in the film was not as violent as some “horror movie buffs” would want it to be, the film still made use of a whole a lot of blood enough to feel your skin crawl and enough suspense for the viewers to scream at the protagonist on the screen to “get out!” The song which was not so hard to have it stuck in our heads has successfully contributed to giving off that sense of doom and desperation not only to the characters who heard it in the movie, but to the viewers, as well.

Before figuring out that there was something strange about the body, things in the movie were already strange as they were. The fact that the morgue where dead bodies were preserved and studied was right under someone’s home and how the father was fascinated in opening up bodies- as can be seen in how seemingly passionate he is in educating his son about it, were already eerie. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is an obvious tale of estrangement where things get weirder and weirder throughout. The moment the protagonists “dig deeper” trying to figure out what happened to the unidentified girl, strange things happen and get even stranger the moment they get closer to the answer – the punishment gets heavier and the suspense gets higher.

Throughout the movie, aside from being creeped out or scared, we also get that sense of desperation, frustration and loneliness from all of the characters involved. Desperation to leave, not only from the basement in an attempt to escape, but the son’s desperation to leave his father which leads to his frustration after soon finding out that he could not just leave his father alone. We get that sense of loneliness from the father who is more than willing to let his son leave, but know deep inside that he wants them to stay together. The whole structure of the movie, as I saw it, attempted to get, not only a message across, but a feeling. It was successful in making the viewers feel how the protagonists felt. Just like how the film revolved around a story wherein the dead girl who was oppressed in the past wished to make those who get a hold of her body feel how she felt. The isolated setting of the film gives off that sense of desperation – desperation to get answers and to escape. How the clues seem to add up quick and easy was, at the same time, a successful attempt to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats getting them to try to figure out whether it was already the end or if there is still more to it – it adds up to the suspense.


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