Dead on arrival.. or not

Autoposy of Jane Doe I really enjoyed this movie! Not because it was a fun loving wholesome film about life lessons and guidance. But because it was the type of scary that isn’t so bloody and gory but more of excellent scare tactics. I am a coward when it comes to movies so it is very difficult for me to enjoy being scared because if you think about it, why do people want to be scared so bad anyway? The answer. Some people just like to live on the edge. No one lives more on the edge than this particular Jane Doe in the movie.

The movie starts out by showing a crime scene where it looks like people were brutally murdered without there being a sign of struggle or breaking and entering. Then in the back a girl who is dead but it seems like nothing has happened to her is found half of her buried underground. The sherif takes the body to a father and son mortuary. The morgue is run in the basement of their home. Tommy and austin are the father and sun who run this at home business. Austin and Tommy were doing work on other bodies when Austin’s girlfriend came to pick him up for the movie. Since Austin felt bad for leaving his dad all alone he decided to let her go ahead so he could spend time with his dad before he moved away from home. When the body arrives they preform an autopsy just like how they would on anyone. But as they start inspecting her strange things seem to happen like the power starts to flicker and they start to hear sounds. What happens is that the more and more they explore and cut open the Jane Doe, the freakier and more chaotic it gets in the basement. Things like, their cat dying, bodies going missing from the morgue. Scary stuff like that starts to happen. When they cut her open they found that she has something in her stomach. A tooth, wrapped in some sort of paper with weird roman characters. They also noticed the tatoos inside her skin. Not on her skin or body. But inside her skin. As they are examining they hear a bell come from outside. When they go to check it Tommy is badly injured. When that happens, they decide they can’t handle anymore and they decide to burn the body. But the body doesn’t burn. No. It just makes everything worse. After burning it things go haywire and they run to the elevator to try and get out of there. But when the elevator malfunctions they hear something coming. When the body attacks them Tommy uses an axe to destroy it not knowing that it was actually his son’s girlfriend, Emma. They go back to the room and put out the fire and cut open her skull to see whats going on with her when they finally realizes that there is supernatural forces at play. When they figure out what the characters mean they check the bible for a passage and realizes this girl is a witch who was tortured and now she is tormenting them. Tommy pleads for mercy for his son and asks to her to make him feel the pain she felt. Every thing that happened to Jane begins to happen to Tommy and he eventually dies. The lights go on and austin runs out to find where he can escape. He hears the sheriff’s voice outside and they tell him that they are working on a way to remove the tree. Austin then hallucinates and sees his dad next to him which startles him and sends him to his death. The movie ends when the actual sheriff arrive and it appears nothing has happened. They rule it out as bad accident.

I found this movie interesting because of the supernatural aspect at play. I remember hearing about old stories where there were witches long ago. So to see a film with that sort of plot was interesting. This movie was definitely a scary movie for plain and simple reasons. They had a morgue in their house. There is no way that wouldn’t be scary. The scariest features of the movie had to be the effects. Where they played the music of the mom, or the bell ringing symbolizing someone was there. I think they really had a good set up and were able to sneak it in to the back ground to make us realize how truly scary it was. The movie was one of the better movies we have seen this semester and also one of the more scary ones to be honest. I really liked the theme and plot of this movie given that the setting was not the most believable of settings. I don’t know who would ever want to have a morgue in their house. The cinematograph was well done and it was an enjoyable scary movie. Unlike some of those ridiculously scary movies we have seen before.


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