There is something everybody desires, whether it’s an object, a person, or an occasion. Sometimes we would do anything to acquire these desires. We would neglect social norms, laws, direct instructions, and other forms of restrictions because of our strong wanting for this certain desire. What if this desire was given to us on a silver plate with no one necessarily needing to know? This is the story of Deadgirl. JT and Rickie were normal high school students who just wanted to have fun. JT was more of the carefree person, and Rickie was also carefree but he seemed to have control over his actions. One day while they were rummaging through an abandoned hospital, they stumbled upon a girl who was tied to bed. It was unclear (even until the end) how she got there and how she came to be. JT quickly found out that the girl was crazy and most importantly immortal. JT immediately had the idea of raping her because he would already touch her body. Rickie on the other hand seemed like he didn’t feel the same way, but during the course of the movie it began to be more obvious that he shared the same sentiment, but for him, he would do it alone, and on his terms.  In this way the movie shows the horror of how irrational and uncontrollable people can be when they are given their desire. In this case, how horrific men may act if they were presented with a female body. There are people today who get angry when they are yelled at for gawking at a girl. They say that they are just looking and it’s not like they’ll do anything, but according to Deadgirl, if they were presented a female body who could not fight back or anything, whether she was clean or dirty or even ugly, they would rape her over and over again.

In the movie, Rickie’s desire was Joann. He masturbated about her one time, but an image of the Deadgirl showed up in his mind. This did not show that he wanted to rape the Deadgirl, but he wanted Joann to be in the same state so he could rape her in the same way (although for him I would think he would describe it as making love). This is where Rickie’s horrific side started to show. He may have looked like he was ethical and moral by rejecting JT’s advises, but he was just as dirty. It was confirmed at the end of the movie when JT was bitten by the Deadgirl turning him immortal too. JT offered to bite Joan (because she was dying too) so that Rickie could continue to “love” her. Then we see Joann in the end un the same state as the Deadgirl.

The jocks also showed their horrific side when they witnessed the Deadgirl. You would think that they would be the one to report the situation to the police but Johnny was provoked when Rickie said, “go ahead. Do it,” and when Johnny’s friend told him, “you’re the man.” This conveys horror in the patriarchal society. It literally shows a woman all battered up with two men about to rape her because they are “the man.”

Overall there is a certain paradox in the horror of this movie. It showed disgusting images of society, and of just plainly disgusting images, but for some reason I was still hooked on to watching it. I kept on asking myself how the Deadgirl came to be or how many more friends JT was going to tell. I was also intrigued about if Rickie would really treat Joann in the same way like the Deadgirl. Instead of rejecting the movie and saying I kept on watching it. This is the paradox of horror. There are parts that are unbearable, but for some reason, you can’t stop watching. At the end of the movie, you would probably even recommend it to a friend. The SAW series are similar in this manner. It’s just a series about mutilating body parts in the most creative and disgusting way. For me to use “creative” in this scenario is already horrific. Even if there’s already been too many movies of SAW, I would watch the next one because I want to see how else can a human body be mutilated.

In the end I was not that satisfied with Deadgirl. I would have wanted to find out the origins of the Deadgirl, but then again that may not have been the point of the movie.


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