Deadgirl was one of those movies that make me question humanity…. Seriously. Like, who ever thought about the plot was clearly messed up. As I was watching the movie I constantly found myself looking at my classmates thinking “what the ……” I don’t think that it was my kind of movie in a sense that I couldn’t appreciate the movie as a horror movie.

The movie starts out with two friends (best friends?) who decide to be delinquents and cut class to go to an abandoned hospital, out of pure curiosity. The hospital is old and almost torn apart with the only sign of live was a messed up dog that chases them into the basement. There they find a “dead girl” chained to a table and by the looks of it they seem to find her quite attractive. Ew. The two best friends (Jt and rickie) don’t seem to see eye to eye when faced with the problem ahead of them. J.T (the antagonist) wants to keep the girl around and use her body for personal pleasure. Rickie however wants to un chain her or at least leave her alone before someone catches them where they’re not to be. The next day Rickie sneaks back into the hospital only to find J.T there where he explains that the girl is not normal. J.T tells Rickie about how she tried to kill him so he choked her to death… twice. Seeing Rickie doesn’t believe him he gets the gun and shoots her 3 times right in front of Rickie thus proving in fact that she can’t be killed. They both decide to keep this girl a secret since J.T wants to turn her into some sex thing for past time. However, J.T fails to hide it as Rickie catches him there the next day with their friend Wheeler, who wanted his own turn with the dead girl. So when Rickie shows up with bolt cutters he is startled to see wheeler “making love” to the dead girl.. He gets upset at J.T since they said they would keep her a secret. J.T clowns him and tells him to just forget about the girl he likes in school (Joann) and join in on the fun with the dead girl. However, being the good guy that he is Rickie refuses and decides to just leave since he can tell J.T clearly has a problem and is obsessed with this girl. Rickie gets into a different kind of trouble as his crush for Joann is never ending, which rubs Joanns boyfriend in the wrong way and he beats up Rickie and Wheeler. As their revenge, wheeler tells them about the dead girl and they force Wheeler and Rickie into taking them to the hospital where J.T has set up his new home. J.T baits them into getting oral sex from the dead girl which results in the loss of Johnny’s “little friend.” When that happens they attempt to kill the dead girl repeatedly to the point where she is too messed up and gross. Her stench is just un real at this point and J.T decides to replace her by having her bite another girl and the girl taking her place. This was unsuccessful because the only girl they managed to find ended up beating the crap out of them. However, they do run into Joann and decide to use her instead. When Rickie finds out he immediately comes to her rescue. The dead girl ends up breaking loose and killing everyone but sparing Rickie’s life since he was the only one who showed kindness to her.

That is how this sick movie ends. I guess after thinking about it and reflecting on the movie I realized that maybe this sick twisted plot is exactly what they were going for. Even if it was so disturbing and psychotic if that was their goal then they ended up doing one hell of a job. I guess what creeped me out was the attitude of the characters in this movie. The desperation and lack of standard that caused them to get involved with the dead girl to begin with. I think the characters were sub-par. I found Rickie more suited for his role in Evil Dead. I also wasn’t a fan of the cinematography for this movie. I’m not sure if it was a low budget film but that’s the impression I got from it. But I guess that its all about preference for this movie, since some of my peers that I talked to seemed to enjoy the gross theme and messed up plot. All in all, I found that the movie was scary and it did have its horror moments. But maybe it was a bit too messed up that I couldn’t really enjoy it. I couldn’t shake the disgusting feeling that was left with me after watching the movie. Then again, if that was the objective of the movie then I guess all I can say is…. Kudos.


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