For the first hour of the movie, one wouldn’t think that May was a horror film. It starts quite normal; it portrays a socially awkward girl trying to figure out relationships and such. However, as the film progressed the vibe of the film gets a creepier and creepier. And this all escalates to point where May kills people and creates her “perfect” friend. Admittedly, There were a few other creepy moments, however, they were so sporadic that the climax would still be such a “woah” moment. Other than this, the film May tackles other interesting concepts such as homosexuality in horror films.

May was the first movie that I’ve seen a character that was attracted towards a homosexual and a heterosexual relationship. These 2 relationships were portrayed quite differently from each other. The homosexual relationship was portrayed as very sexual and lustful. This could be because it is playing on the usual stereotype of lesbians, which is that lesbian relationships are fast and very sexual. In comparison, however,  the homosexual relationship was portrayed as something sweet and of depth. Instead of heavy flirting (as shown by the lesbian in the film), the heterosexual relationship was developed through multiple dates. So it could be seen that May, the protagonist, had the experience of both a very sexual and a sweet relationship. Yet she did not fit well into them, which is why she eventually killed her respective partners.

Other than the homosexual factor of the, there were other aspects of the film which make it interesting. One of the things that stuck to me was the use of the doll in a glass to portray the mental state of May. The doll in my opinion represents May, someone isolated from the world. And with every bad experience from the social world, the glass cracks, which shows how May’s state is also  experiencing its own cracks as well. In the scene where the glass and doll finally breaks, it could be seen that it was a defining turning point; at this point, May breaks as well. May finally cracks.

It was after this that most of the horror part of the film occurs. The fact that it happened only in the latter part of the movie shows how a horror film is not really supposed to be jump scares all the time. Sometimes the horror factor has to be built. The film shows how sometimes horror may come up when you least expect it.


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