Evil Dead

I liked that movie Evil Dead because it was the most conventional horror movie amongst the other movies that were watched in class. I’ve actually watched half of it on Youtube some years ago, but I did not finish it because it was too cliché for me. I did not think that after watching several unconventional movies, cliché would be something I would appreciate.

One part of the movie that was odd was that the class reacted to one of the friend’s reading the Necronomicon as something stupid. If you really think about it, it’s not a stupid move. Don’t we all do things like that sometimes? When we see an eye-catching poster by Dela Costa and we weren’t able to understand it the first glance, we stop and read it. When you take Japanese FLC and you see a Japanese ramen product in the supermarket, there’s a big chance you will pick it up and start practicing what you have learned in FLC by reading the characters slowly. It’s the same with their friend. He saw an odd-looking book, perhaps he thought it was cool or perhaps not, but it was enough to interest him. He read a couple of lines out loud just to make sure if he read them in his mind correctly. There’s nothing stupid about what he did. Maybe the reason why the class reacted was the because of the stereotype that in slasher movies there’s always this one stupid guy that causes all the happening or there’s one guy who says, “I’m coming back,” but never does. It seemed as if that was who the friend will be.

Another thing to notice about the movie is the strange behavior of the group of friends towards Mia. When Mia was starting to exhibit unusual behavior, instead of calling a doctor or bringing her to a hospital like a regular person would, they kept her inside the cabin. The cabin itself was old, stinky, and creepy. If anything, the setting would have added more horror to Mia. I imagine this to be another stereotype of the movie where the instead of doing the logical thing to do, the people act in the exact opposite way. One incident you can see this in the movie was where they found all the dead cat bodies in the basement. The rotten stench of the cabin can be considered a normal thing because it was an old structure, but finding a group of hanged cats, which was the cause of the stench, would be out of the ordinary.

Another aspect of the movie that made it disturbing to watch was the excretions of liquid. You can see this in the blood that Mia sheds when she kills someone. This can also be seen when one of the girls cut off her own arm and it started dripping blood. That was a horrifying scene because with everything happening I would not know to trust that girl if she did that because she may have also been possessed by the witch.  There was also a part where Mia vomited all over her friend. It is reminiscent of The Exorcist scene, which further compliments the cliché-ness of the movie.

Evil Dead is a movie that you cannot fully enjoy if you do not know the backstory. It has already been the third remake. Parts of it were fun to watch, but parts of it did not make sense, specifically the chainsaw scene. That was more ridiculous than it was triumphant. You’d think I would be happy because she won because of a coincidental chainsaw that happened to be in front of her, but that seemed to convenient for me. Again, the chainsaw is just a reference to the old remakes of the movie. So if you’ve watched the older remakes, you’d enjoy Evil Dead (2013).

The last thing I liked about the movie was the fact that it did not seem to end. It’s like the plot twists kept on coming and the story kept on progressing. The first one was when they tried to kill Mia by the basement. David suddenly became MacGyver, made a weapon. He was about to lose when Eric came out of nowhere. Everybody thought Eric was dead. The second one was when they thought they the demon transferred to their other friend. Eric heroically locked himself in the house and burnt it so that the demon could die. Nobody thought that the demon could change bodies. The third was after Mia was cured, David dies and Mia becomes the person who would battle with the demon. This showed a total change in character literally and figuratively. At first she was the victim and now she is the redeemer.

Evil dead was an enjoyable movie to watch because of its cliché happenings.




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