Falling for Grace

This movie made me feel 2 things- shocked and disgusted. I was already quite hesitant of the idea of motherhood, but after watching this film I’m now REALLY having doubts if I ever want to have kids. Initially, it was quite depressing but the film took an incredibly creepy turn when we finally realized that she was raising a zombie baby. But for most part of the movie, there was nothing scary about it. After the reveal of the baby as a zombie, nothing else peaked my attention. So it is definitely not a movie for me, since most of the time it just featured really disgusting scenes.

The film focused mainly on the question of: to what extent will a mother go through for her child? In this film, it simply just showed that the mother will go through whatever it means necessary to provide for her child even if it drove her to death or insanity. The mother, as vegan, watched the slaughter of animals as a her own type of horror film. Also, it was seen in the initial scenes that she was so disgusted to touch the meat that her husband wanted to eat for dinner. So it is evident that the mother was a hard core vegan. However, when she found out about the condition of her baby, she takes a turn and lives through the horror of having to touch meat. She even goes as far as using the dead doctor’s body as a source of blood for her daughter to feed on. This film was not merely aimed to scaring the audience, but to show the horrors this mother had to go through. By seeing she had to go through, what she had to sacrifice, was not exactly scary but it did make the audience feel uncomfortable.

There was a constant use of fluids throughout the movie. Vivian had this fixation of producing breast milk, while Madeline was giving blood to her child. For some, even for me, this is quite disgusting. I could handle breast milk, but the idea of a child sucking blood out of you, is a little too much for me. Also, the doctor in the film, I speculated also had a weird obsession with breast milk. He was seen drinking milk in his office, and when he went to Madeline’s house, he asked her to for her breast milk as well so that he can “run tests.” I thought that this was quite odd, but nevertheless, it added to the creepy factor of the film.

What could be considered as compelling about this film is that the audience never really knows how far the mother will go for her baby. The curiosity factor played an important part in this film. And by the end of the film we still do not know how far Madeline would go. When she said “she has started teething” with her breast half eaten and such a blank look on her face, it makes the audience wonder how far will she take this? The film even ends with no answer. The audience is still kept guessing. Even if I did not exactly enjoy this film, I did appreciate its effort on keeping the audience in a state of discomfort throughout the film.


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