Fate of Martyrs

Out of all the movies I’ve watched, this movie has captured my attention the most. The movie started with something so urgent – a child running out of an isolated place, shaved head, blood splattered on the body and shouting out for help. Why? What happened? Right off the bat the movie stirs interest as to why a child is running for help. For me at least, I thought she was kidnapped. This sent my mind and feelings in such a rush – a feeling that I think a horror movie should evoke in me while I watch.

As the movie progresses, I learned that the girl running out of the isolated placed was placed under traumatizing incidents. To a point wherein she refuses to to see other people other than her friend Anna. Lucie, the traumatized girl happens to be seeing supernatural beings that haunts her very often. Anna, as the best friend, would always comfort Lucie in times of “attacks”.

Years passed, both girls have grown into beautiful women – at least before Lucie came in a house with a shotgun to kill the whole  household. After rampaging, she calls Anna and tells her she killed them, the family who was responsible for her traumatizing childhood. I thought, wait what? The family seems normal, how can they be responsible for her dark past? Around this time, Lucie was comforted by the thought of her abusers dead, however as her dark past still haunts her, she realizes she cannot get away with her past and decides to kill herself, leaving Anna to clean the dirty work.

Though Anna seems to be the good character in this film, I can see where the movie title comes in. Anna, in the movie, was the girl who would give herself to people who were in need. Never complained, just did everything to help them. Anna discovers that Lucie’s past was true upon discovering a secret passage in the basement of the house – with a woman tied up. She, as expected, helps the woman who was tied up for the longest of time that upon removing the head gear that impairs her vision, she panics, but Anna tries to restrain to tell her it will be alright. The people responsible for the woman’s captivity arrives, kills the woman and placed Anna into chains. This is where her martyrdom starts.

What I found interesting in this movie was how people, when having the sudden urge to know something, will go to extreme measures. Like how Anna became their guinea pig for their experiment, to know what happens after life, what it feels like to be in the euphoric state. The movie was very graphic towards the end, emphasizing on the abuses on a woman who was so pure and good, and had nothing to do but to help people around her. Which also connects to the society that captured her, people who wanted to turn people to so called martyrs through series of torture.

Of course, she tries to fight in the first stages in making her a martyr, but after accepting her fate, the society begins to go to the next stages, skinning her alive being the last. It was awful, it was gory, it was something that led me to question why people would go this extent. Is that what cults do, torture people? One thing is horrific in this movie for sure – the death of an innocent woman. Which, to me, is something that a horror movie would posses, and its not just death but the whole process of torturing-until-death kind of horror. The excruciating pain runs through my skin while watching the movie – especially the skinning part. What is disappointing though is they have finished the ‘project’, the leader gathered the answer, then killed herself. WHY? This society wasted a human life that could have contributed to the society with her goodness. Whether the leader had answers or not, the movie disappointed me. Which means I think the movie was effective in evoking strong feelings, from disappointment to nausea and ended in such a sad note


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