Gore Galore

Whenever remakes of famous movies come up, there is always the pressure of having big shoes to fill. I was pleased to find out that The Evil Dead (2013) was in fact a surprisingly an impressive remake of the original 1981 Sam Raimi film. The gore filled horror slasher film did justice to the original film but added the appropriate twists here and there.

Given that it is a slasher horror film, it was gore galore. There was one scene that surprised me — the scene where the girl was raped by a tree. It was a very unusually terrifying scene to watch because in my whole existence, I would have never imagined that sort of thing to happen to a character in a movie. The notably gory scenes from the film were when Mia was in the cellar and she was trying to lure Natalie and she licked the blade and sliced her tongue. This sent chills down my spine because it was as if I could feel it happening to me Following this scene was the scene where Natalie decided to amputate her own arm because she was convinced that the bite from the demon was infected and would kill her.  This scene was gut wrenching because to imagine how it would feel to have to amputate your own arm with blood spewing out in every direction is absolutely unfathomable.

Although this movie was gore galore, it was still at an acceptable level because along with the theme of gore, the film still had its horror and supernatural nature. I consider the gore in this film still acceptable because it is at a different level compared to the movie Green Inferno. That movie was just pure gore and blood with no other theme whatsoever. That movie really made everyone’s stomachs churn with the amount of disgust that was felt. I feel that the gore was necessary in this film because they would not be able to achieve what they wanted without the necessary gory scenes.

The film, being a slasher horror film, also exhibited the theme of The Final Girl. Initially, the guy was doing all the work and Mia was scene as the bad one because she was the one that was possessed. Throughout the film it was the guys who were seen as heroes when trying to find a way to defeat Mia. However in the end, we saw how when the five souls were finally claimed, it was Mia who was able to defeat the Abomination.

Given this, we see how in horror slasher films, there is always the recurring theme of the girl that wins and for this movie it was able to somehow empower women. From Mia being seen as the evil and feared one throughout the film, we are able to see how in the end, she overcomes what possessed her and takes the role of the Final Girl when she is able to slice the Abomination in half.

Another good commentary of the theme of the Final Girl, is the 2015 movie The Final Girls. This movie is displays an accurate and at the same time comedic take on the stereotypical cycle of what horror films are as well as what it means to be a “final girl”

With that being said, the 2013 remake of the original Evil Dead was done impressively and more importantly was able to fill in the big shoes that it had to.


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