What do you get when you put two innkeepers in a creepy old Yankee Pedlar Inn on its last weekend of operation? That’s right, a typical horror film. While The Innkeepers 2011 was a typical horror movie setting, this film was to my surprise, well executed.

For a typical horror film, it did not scream horror. It had a few jump scares here and there but it was not the type of horror film that would leave me running out the cinema. It was a lot more relaxed than other horror films of this this type and this was something that I really appreciated.

For one, I appreciated the character of Claire. She and her fellow innkeeper Luke had surprisingly good chemistry — not the romantic type though. Their personalities meshed well together and kept the movie entertaining all throughout.

For a horror film, it was odd to see not much focus or development on the monster itself. Much of the story revolved around the innkeepers and their eerie experiences around the inn but barely on the monster itself. I thought that during the revelation of the monster through Leanne Rease- Jones, the monster, Madeline was going to start making appearances. However, there were only abrupt mentions and scenes of her, but strangely it still worked in theme with the horror movie.

While this movie was a typical horror movie with the famous strange sounds coming from around the inn, and the crowd favorite invisible piano player, it did not seem tasteless and still remained entertaining.

From the start of the film, I knew that Claire’s asthma was going to be detrimental to her role. True enough, in the end, an asthma attack caused her death. It is possible that claire’s death could have been a product of her own mind and not the actual ghost which is a sad thing to realize knowing how helpless she could have possibly been during her asthma attack. Of course the last scene of a typical horror movie will always include a glimpse of the ghost and just as this movie was a typical horror movie in itself, it did end with the ghost of Claire almost barely there and the door mysteriously shutting on its own.

I must say that while Claire’s death was sad,it was disappointing. To find out that she could have possibly just been imagining the whole haunting kind of deflated my spirits for a bit but in the end, the movie was still pleasingly effective.

One thing I would like to commend is Ti West’s superb capability of not letting an audience down. I myself am impressed at how I was kept entertained the whole movie despite its typical storyline. He was able to masterfully incorporate basic elements of a horror spin and add his own personal touch to continuously entice audience members and keep their eyes glued to the screen.


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