I didn’t quite understand the film, based on the plot. I found it messy, and I thought there were a lot of unnecessary things. I think there were just too many ideas crammed up in the film, and I didn’t find that those ideas were executed well.

First, I find that the actors were really awkwardly strange. They didn’t seem the right choices for their roles. They looked very dry and uninteresting in the film. Neither of them seemed likeable enough. For instance, Claire had a short moment after she talked to Ms. Lee where she was contemplating about her life because she felt bad for not having to finish her studies. But the writers completely disregarded this whole idea and decided not to expound more that aspect of her character profile. It could have been given more depth. Instead they gave more time and attention to other unimportant things in the film.

I found that the first hour of the movie was monotonous. The build up took too long as I fell asleep already when the monster was about to be revealed. The build up itself wasn’t unique and imaginative enough either. The whole reason for the haunting of the inn deserved more details and story. There were no flashbacks, back stories or even other sources to escalate the audience’s curiosity. It would’ve been scarier if there were more details about the ghost that was haunting the inn.

I found it odd when one character who checked into the inn became someone who could communicate with ghosts. Even the mother with her child didn’t seem to be relevant to the plot even though they were there for a huge amount of screen time. The fact that there were some humor crammed into the film was a bit of a disappointment. It failed to contribute to the story. I believe that in horror stories, timing has to be executed well, not just the scary parts but also everything else in between those parts. After Claire recognizes the piano moving by itself then she runs to wake up Luke, somehow they tried to insert humor by making us laugh at the part where Luke was wearing nothing down below other than his underwear right after we’re supposed to be frightened. The timing on that scene was just off, if I think about it in terms of the emotional trajectory from those chain of events.

I struggled with taking the movie seriously when all these parts in the film felt out of place. When the ghost finally appeared, it did not give me that horror anymore. However, the ghost itself was crafted so well that it made me jump out of my seat as I awoke at the end. I can say the same thing for the old man too who ended up as a ghost in the end. Those were things I could highlight as good points in the movie. The one scene showing about the nightmare was also quite exceptional. The time when I woke up was very thrilling as Claire was already being chased by the ghost and eventually getting killed by the ghost. I am just confused about Luke as he didn’t seem to be affected or saddened by the fact that Claire died. He didn’t even put an effort to tell the police that there is a supernatural force that is threatening this establishment. Ms. Lee didn’t make herself important to the plot as well as she was the only person who has the ability to help in that situation but that aspect wasn’t shown in the movie as well.

Overall, I think the film needed more effort to become as entertaining as I would have wanted it to be. It is definitely not something I would remember as a film that was scary enough or even worth watching.


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