Is she dead, girl?

My initial reaction after seeing Dead Girl by Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel was weird, perverse and really psychotic. Seeing this brought a whole new thought about how far will one go just to be with someone, I for one, couldn’t say to be with their loved one, because as I said this movie was really weird. Love here was shown in a different manner, it’s not your usual guy getting a girl then they live happily ever after, neither it is a guy getting a girl by forcing her, but it is both! Somehow it is a happily ever after for Rickie, but I couldn’t say the same for Joanne. “Where’s the humanity in this movie?” ,was my thought after seeing some scenes that was about having a sexual relationship with the dead.

But this movie was not bad, it just depends on the viewer as to whether they’re okay with some scenes or they’re not. Like in this movie, even though I was really grossed out by the thought of raping or having a sexual relationship with a dead woman, I actually felt pity on her. Even though the movie didn’t humanize the dead girl but for sure that woman was alive too, but then she got infected and turned into a zombie. But every time she got raped, I still felt that somehow she was the victim in this movie, even though she was undead. I also noticed that while other zombie movies were usually the attackers and got the other characters running for their lives. This movie was the opposite. So it is a first for me, I didn’t know that zombies can be so helpless and powerless. Sure, the dead girl’s character is the creepiest part in the movie for me because she was a helpless zombie, but I felt pity for her, which I usually don’t to other zombie movies, so that itself is creepy. So it’s really interesting that this movie can let us feel so many emotions for the dead girl, is she the villain? Is she the victim? Is she innocent? There are so many questions about this movie but still they remain unanswered because of her character in the movie.

I also think while watching the movie was that, both characters portray people in real life. JT may be some of us, who just go through the motion and stick with the easiest path in life, believing that getting the dead girl will be his end game while he could still find someone for himself. Another character was Ricky, he’s the kind of guy that some of us can associate with. Initially having hopes for the girl of his dreams, then helping the ‘victim’ which was the dead girl, but then as we all do, we can’t resist temptation, like how Ricky turned Joanne his new dead girl.

This film was very disturbing but not really a horror movie for me. It had some elements to be a horror movie but it was just plain inhumane and psychotic. I find that this movie is very provocative in a sense that this tackled many circumstances about humanity, sexuality and society like how we live through our daily lives knowing that this is happening right now but not essentially the dead girl part. Overall, I loved the how Jenny Spain played her character in this movie. It must be tough to be seen naked throughout the movie, and that even if she didn’t talk in the movie, her part was pretty convincing. I really thought that she played her part very well as she delivered her character as a fragile and vulnerable girl yet dangerous one.


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