It Follows

It Follows was a movie that truly scared me. It actually brought up some childhood fears. It was a quiet movie at first, but it soon turned around.

The movie brought up two questions for me. First was what I would do if I were presented an inescapable situation. It Follows shows the story of a girl who was tricked into acquiring this sort of curse. She is not being followed by an entity who wants to kill her. The only she can take the entity away from her is if she has sex with another person. Jay, the girl, is conflicted because she does not want her friend to experience the difficulty she is experiencing. At first she does not completely believe this, but eventually, when she gets followed at school by an old lady, she begins to understand that everything is real. This is the part where I also begin to remember some childhood fears. My fear was not because someone was following me, but it was a fear of not being able to escape. I would have dreams of being in a cemetery and not being able to find my way out. I would also have dreams of being left in the mall and not being able to go back home. I felt I was trapped with people I did not know (to add to that, I felt I was trapped with police whom my parents always used as a fear tactic as well). I felt the same way as Jay did in a sense that I did not want any of my friends to feel the same fear so I did not tell them. When Jay and her friends found out that they could actually touch the entity, they devised a plan to eliminate it, but she forgot the advice given to her, “it may be slow, but it’s not dumb.” The entity was fighting back and it knew not to jump in the pool. Either way I don’t think the entity would die. This further makes clear Jay’s situation being inescapable. In the end, she just accepted it. A follow up question I would like to ask is that is Jay’s situation really inescapable? She was already able to transfer it to her friend, but unfortunately he was not being careful. Having this said, her situation may not necessarily be inescapable. She may just have enough care for other people that she does not want to transfer it to anyone else.

Another aspect It Follows implies is living in constant fear. It is living in constant fear that the entity will kill you. Even if you have transferred it, there is still constant fear that the person you transferred it to was killed and so it would go back to you

The other question that was brought to my mind while watching the movie was that where did this all start? Jay’s former lover said that if the person the entity was following is killed, it would go to the preceding victim. So who was the first victim, and what would happen if there were no more? This did not necessarily bother me because that may not have been the main point of the movie; although it could have been explained a little more. It would be exciting to find out if there had been a victim like that in the family too. Maybe the mystery of the entity adds to the horror of being alone – of not being able to share or explain it with anyone.

One last thing to notice was the attitude of Paul towards Jay. He was there to believe and understand her all the way, but he had a little bit of an ulterior motive to helping Jay. It seemed as if he used the opportunity to have sex with her. Jay was reluctant on giving him the curse because Paul had been her best friend since they were children and she’d hate to see anything bad happen to him. Paul says that everything’s going to be fine and he’s going to own the curse for her. It’s a little disturbing how Paul still thinks of carnal desires in a time like that, but it also shows that people in society do the same. There are people who pity car accidents or when a lame man falls down. Rude to say, but sometimes they laugh in situations like those.

Jay may never have momentary peace in her life anymore because of a stupid mistake with a boy.


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