The horror film Martyrs released last 2008 was something that was shocking and surprising with its different twists and turns. This is all about a French-Canadian movie which is eye-opening and interesting when it comes to the plot and how the actors are able to execute it. In the movie it features Anna and Lucie which are the main characters. For most of the first part of the film it documents their adventures together in some horrifying and morbid scenes.

At the start of the film it has Lucie being a girl who is disturbed and all sorts of things happening to her. My insight to this is it is where the plot starts, the background of what is there to come. It gives a preview of the scenes that will follow and how the start will play an important role. When the movie is fast-forwarded into the future, Lucie aims to take revenge on the abuse that she has underwent in the past. For a young child being abused and exposed to all sorts of elements that she shouldn’t be. Lucie becomes a different person and somebody that has lost everything and only wanting revenge. She visits the home of the people that caused her to become like this and kills the whole family. At this point, I see the effect of a bad childhood and what it brings to a person like Lucie. It causes her to lose all hope and resort to violence. There was sort of a woman that was constantly controlling Lucie and following her.

Then there is the character Anna, who did not have a ghost or spirit following her unlike Lucie. The moment when Anna helps Sarah a girl who is also troubled escape. Sarah is trapped in an underground chamber, however Anna’s efforts were useless because Sarah was eventually killed in the process. This makes the film more tragic with all the things terrorizing the characters. Anna has the heart to save somebody but it all goes to waste with that. She eventually discovers that these girls being terrorized are all part of an experiment of an organization. This organization is led by Mademoiselle, a creepy old woman who wants to create the so-called “Marytrs”. They are known for torturing young women for a greater purpose. The word “Martyr” means somebody suffering or dying fighting for a particular belief. A martyr is usually a saint that is killed for his faith in God. In the film this is all similar with this young girls just wanting to live a normal life, but they are controlled by this organization just to suffer and die.

After Anna and Lucie, the last experiment of Mademoiselle would be Anna. Anna with all those acts helping people like her would be the next victim. The experiment on Anna would be successful, because it was able to reach the final stage and Mademoiselle becomes satisfied with what she saw, and eventually killing herself. We can see in the film the various themes of child-abuse and life. The organization controlling these women do not care if the children suffer. They just want to see what will happen based on their theories. Connected to this is the value of life, it is clear that they apply torture just to be able to bring out what they want from the child and don’t actually care if they die or not.

In conclusion, I can say that the film is disturbing with all those scenes and themes mention. Overall the plot of the movie was something that interested me and made me curious of various things that were happening.


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