This movie was the overall most horrific movie I have ever watched. It brought childhood fears like the way It Follows did, but in a whole different level. I honestly did not know how to feel about the movie.

Martyrs put me in a very uneasy position because of its main plotline. My childhood fear was not being able to escape in dark areas where there was no chance of anyone finding me. This was what Martyrs showed the whole movie. When the girl in the basement was found naked, alone, malnourished in a dark room with something covering her eyes, I was completely horrified. It was not just the horrification of seeing a horror movie or just being afraid. I mean I was deeply horrified with the event. One scene that came to my mind was being stuck in an elevator for in an abandoned building that nobody knew. I can imagine people trying to look for you but not being able to find you. I can also imagine excrement all over the wall of the elevator because where else would you excrete? This, for me is absolutely terrifying. Then, when the chained naked woman was brought to light, I felt as sick as I felt with the movie Grace (the only movie that has every made my stomach turn). I could feel the pain of the woman when the apparatus on her head was being taken off. Also, she already had no sense of language. She would just scream and moan, which put her in another inescapable position because how she to tell her savior that she was was hallucinating insects and cockroaches when she herself did not know how to speak anymore.

When the main Martyr was caught, I was already ready to leave the room because I don’t know if I could watch the torture montage. But I was disappointed with the torture that she experienced. It did not look as painful as all the others. The place where she was kept in was also rather clean and tidy. She even had a bed to rest on. Perhaps the only disgusting part for me there was when she started to pee, but that also was a little disappointing. I expected that she was going to excrete excrement then some maggots would start to form on her chair or the bucket, but it was just one scene with her peeing a little bit. At the last part of the movie when she was skinned alive, it was also not shown. Skinning her alive could have added to the horror of the movie. It n this way, it is strange how much I had just talked about the movie horrifying me to my core, but then ended up giving suggestions on how to make it even more disgusting. There’s definitely something wrong with this image.

I did not understand at first what the old lady was explaining about transcendence because she did not explain very well. When the girl showed to have “transcended” the physical realm, that was the only time I had understood what they were trying to do. I also don’t understand the concept of their actions. They wanted to torture someone so badly that the person would find a way to not feel pain anymore? That’s how I understood it. It was still an interesting idea though when she started explaining to the lady what she had seen. I was a little disappointed when the old lady killed herself in the end and ended up not telling anyone about the secrets of the afterlife, but perhaps she did that because she already knew what she was going to face after. I was disappointed, but I believe it to be a good clincher to the movie because it leaves you with the question, “what exactly is in the afterlife?” It also somehow made me understand to justify the procedures they used on their victims so find out such an intriguing question.


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