I have three major fears: heights, math and DOLLS.

Imagine my reaction the moment I saw May’s bestfriend, Suzie. The whole time I was mutternig “I can’t…” everytime the camera would show Suzie.

May is part of my top 3 favorite films shown in class because of the soundtrack. I love music so much and when I heard the songs I was transported back in time. There was something home-y and nostalgic about the selection of the music. It also fit well with May’s emotions and the scenes. In a way, I found myself feeling sorry for May because of the songs. Besides the songs, I enjoyed May’s character too. It was pretty ironic because I hated her character so much yet I still loved her. Something about her character made me wanna punch her most of the time. She was awkward, weird and disgusting. Her look did not appeal to me as well. She was off in so many levels and I would occasionally cringe in my seat. At the same time I was fascinated with the complexity of her character. She was sensitive, vulnerable and lonely. She talks to the doll a lot and even asks her for advice. She also treats her as a real friend. Her lazy eye made her an outcast in society. I feel like this was the root of her problem ever since. This has caused her insecurities and hatred to the world and herself. She desperately attempts to connect with the people around her. The people who she tried to connect with ended up using her or pushing her away which broke her even more. I personally think she has an imbalance in her system. She is not stable and she needs psychiatric care. The glass cracking may symbolize May’s state of mind — fragile. May as the doll and the glass as her mind. I think May means well in general. She is socially awkward but she tries to come out of her shell every once in a while. I feel like she would not be so bad if she did not have the doll to begin with. She is actually a sweet person (crazy but sweet.)

May was wounded by society and finds a deadly revenge. This was evident in her line, “If you can’t find a friend, make one.” Monster-May was fixated on body parts she thinks are perfect (hands, neck, legs, etc) I do not know why but I feel like she is just twisted in totality.

The film had a  Homo-Horror Genre. It is classified as such because the film included identifiably gay or lesbian characters. It was also written, produced, and/or directed by a gay man or lesbian, even if it does not contain visibly homosexual characters. There were also subtextual or connotative avenues.

I would definitely recommend this to my friends because I want them to be pissed too. I also love the theme of the “horror” in this film. It was very unique.

 Harry M. Benshoff, “The Monster and the Homosexual.”

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