May or may not

The movie was about a girl who is narcissistic. She clearly only cares about herself because of how she conducts interactions with others.  The movie has an interesting point of view as a horror movie. Even the title of the movie was named after her. May’s character would definitely make anyone cringe because she is nothing but weird and awkward. As a horror movie character,weird and awkward is not really a bad thing, but May’s character goes beyond with her obsession with Adam. It could have been a result of bad parenting because of the traits that May exhibited during the course of the movie or some supernatural control of the doll named Suzie that influences the characters. More importantly,in the beginning of the film, her mother was very protective of her and wants full control on how May should behave as a little girl. At first, once could suspect that the doll was behind what was happening to May. But It was May by herself who had bad thoughts and intentions. It seemed that she was psychologically challenged as she was growing up.

May is an outstanding character as the story unfolds. As she tags along, another doll creeps out a person while sleeping on her bed. I thought that it would be the typical horror movie when a doll kills a person while one is sleeping. But as it turns out, May is the “creepy doll” I thought who commits these horrendous killings. I saw her actually harm and kill people. May’s behavior proved that she had violent tendencies which adds to her weirdness. As May works in the veterinary this may have boosted her violent interest on gory things in order to satisfy her morbid tendencies. Initially May had a disability, her lazy eyes. This could be the reason why she grew up not like the other kids. Maybe she sees herself differently because of her disability. She had other interests that most people would find very off and weird. Maybe that was one of the reasons why she was not able to fit in with other people. She seeks attention but would always present herself to others as someone very awkward and weird. Because of her monstrosity and thirst for revenge, her unique and abstract personality would develop for the worse.

To begin with, Adam found May’s awkwardness as a cute thing and took advantage of it to get to know her more. May only wanted a friend, but she had a little crush with Adam so she did everything to seek his attention. But then, Adam found her to be weird, so he felt threatened and annoyed. He then broke ties with May and realized that he was not able to fully get to know May. Adam was left thinking what could May possibly do to herself and people around her since she has weird tendencies. With their friendship over, Adam is somewhat concerned. The same sentiment goes with Polly’s concern with May. She got inclined and found May very interesting so she had desires of being friends with her and found her awkwardly cute. But due to the fact she had Ambrosia, May got hurt and that triggered her to be mad and frustrated with Polly as well.

All throughout the movie, I have my sympathy to May. I really do believe that Adam deserved to be punished for doing such thing for May, but I froze and turned speechless by how she slaughtered each person during Halloween. May is also obsessed and fixated with creatively abstract things, also probably manifested with the fascination with dolls. Her violent tendencies and amusement with these certain type of things led her to make a new friend and a new doll. The loss of Suzie affected her greatly that she got more insane sewing up the body part of the people she hated. In the end, it really saddened me when she realized that the doll she formed will never notice her. It was not alive and that would actually be a friend for her. May was in her weird and sad state of loneliness but she was happy for a moment knowing that she was finally able to create a kind of doll that met her standards.


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