Many say that May was so disgusting that it would make their stomachs turn, but for me it was still Grace. I liked the movie for no particular reason, but for it being a horror movie. There was not much that interested me about it.

At first I thought it was going to be a movie where the doll would come to life and become sort of like an Anabelle doll. Although in the end, it was as if the doll did come to life, both in May and the one she created. The doll represents May in a sense that that was her sanity. The doll was what was keeping May from going insane. She was already a weird kid to begin with and you could imagine that she would constantly be bullied in school, but the doll would be her special friend who would take care of her. It was a doll she never really shared with anyone unless they asked the same way May would not open up to anyone unless they were really wiling to be with her. The more that May cracked, the more the case of the doll did too. By the end of the movie, the doll was completely disfigured just like the sanity of May.

May also has a power of the gaze. She has a lazy eye and you don’t know what she’s looking at. This adds strangeness to the movie because if you look at someone with lazy eyes, you don’t know whether where the person is looking at. Sometimes it gets distracting to look at those kinds of people. In the context of the movie, this is important because we don’t know what May could be thinking since we don’t know where she could be looking. Perhaps this also symbolizes her ulterior motives with people. She could be looking at one thing, but really looking at another. She can be saying one thing, but really thinking another. This can be seen whenever she would complement her friends on their physical appearances. On the one hand you can trust May in that she really does mean it when she complements you on a part of your body, but on the other hand she doesn’t just appreciate that part of you, she wants it for herself too.

The thing with May is that we’re shocked and disgusted with the things she’s done, but at the same time we feel a little sympathy for her. From the beginning we could see that she was a sweet little girl who had a difference with her physical appearance and, again, you can imagine that she got bullied for it. She was also well aware of how strange she was so you knew she had bad self-esteem. For her to be looked at by the man he likes is perhaps euphoria for her. In real life, we all act a little weird when we’re, sort of, stars struck with someone. The same goes for May. It’s just that in her case, since she had some mental issues, she would react in a completely unorthodox way. Instead of just mumbling or goofing up, she bit the lip of the guy and splatted the blood all over her body. When she also said that “but you like weird,” to her guy, this also showed that she had no notion of like when people say things but they don’t really mean it, but they say it to you to be polite or to make you feel better. She took it too literally.

At the last part of the movie, there was a part where she took her eyes off and gave it to her creation. The eye then falls to the ground rolling around, and the class beings to laugh. This was in a way strange because that scene should not have been funny. It was a scene about a disturbed woman who would go to lengths just to have a friend. She would even take her own eye off. Instead of getting disgusted with the scene, the class laughed. In this way, the movie evoked a horrific reaction from its audience.

One good thing about May is that she’s a good listener. For some reason, she’s the only one that can understand her boss. She’s also the only one that was able to make this one stubborn blind kid trust her. This goes to show that if May was just treated with care and respect, she probably would not have acted the way that she did.



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