Monsters versus Love

Aside from the woman transforming into a monster makes the movie applicable for a horror genre, I think the fact that the man was falling in love with a stranger is horror itself.

Maybe I am coming from an asian context, but to fall in love with a stranger for a few days is a crazy idea for me. Evan eagerly went for Louise without even knowing her thoroughly and much to his surprise, Louise was an extraordinary person – or entity rather. The movie started like any common love stories in a gorgeous place. Evan fled to Italy and happen to stumble upon a dream girl type named Louise. Evan instantly gets attracted, I cannot blame him, the woman was both beauty and brains.

However, Louise was not just an extraordinary girl with beauty and brains. She was isolating herself from the society due to conditions she cannot really fathom. She is a mutant, who possesses the ability to be immortal and will not exchange it for anything else. When asked if she loved Evan, she declined primarily because love makes her a human being. But being a romantic-horror movie, the movie ends with Louise not transforming.

Why give up immortality for a man who she just met for a week?

Anyhow, for me the movie leans more on the romantic side, kind of like girl meets boy, boy chases girl, boy changes girl’s decision, girl falls in love, happily ever after! However,  I was able to see the flexibility of horror in this movie, it was a weird combination but I think it slightly came through in the form of the mutant or monster that Louise transforms into. What I also found horrifying was when Louise ate her rabbits, it was scary, not to mention when it was implied that the rabbits were being killed.

Another point of discussion can be how a female can be monstrous as stated by Barbara Creed. In her article she states that a in a patriarchal society, the monstrous female is portrayed as someone who is challenging such society in conjunction with her femininity – her capacity to reproduce and other mothering functions.

Louise, in the movie, intentionally had sex with Evan to impregnate herself for the sole purpose of immortality. She was able to use him for his advantage so that she may regenerate and live normally for another 20 years. Although it may not be much of a horror theme due to its romantic nature, the fact that Louise has this certain power to kill Evan when transforming into a monster just proves Creed’s theory on how monstrous a female monster can be. Louise when turning into monster will not stop for anyone else, all friendships are forgotten simply because she turns in to a monster.

However, I was disappointed with the ending of the movie. As I have said earlier, the movie implied that Louise did not transform – suggesting that Louise fell in love with Evan whom she met for one week. A typical love story!



Barbara Creed, “Horror and the Monstrous-Feminine.” Horror, The Film Reader (Routledge, 2002)


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