Oh come what May…

Amongst the lineup of films we have watched, it was May that I truly enjoyed the most. There was mix of comedy and horror plus the odd synopsis of the film that made me a little queasy but ultimately enjoyed the content. Psychological thrillers are my personal favourite sub-genre horror films. Whether its as if confusing and torturous as Psycho or a little lighter like May, it leaves me with a lasting expression filled with numerous conclusions.

May’s story involves a lot of anxiety and pressures present in society today. The need to be cool and accepted, the sexuality of a person, the ideal companionship, the definition of friendship and love, etc. It was showcased in such an unusual manner but definitely hit the right spots. When we are introduced to May, she was this awkward and introverted character that has a personal relationship to a doll. Though she was definitely talented and skilled, she did not have friends and a boyfriend. When a guy came to the picture and she felt amused by his presence, it was as if a new glow and excitement came to her that unfortunately prompted to her fate at the end of the film.

Sexuality continues to be a delicate issue present in society and with films as a medium to be able to express the challenges of such. Homosexuality, as once seen in society as a threat or disease to the norm. It was a challenge that needed and continues to be a battle to overcome in today’s world. Being gay or being labeled in any of the LGBTQ community created rifts in culture, in procreation, in gender roles and family values. It is as if members of these community are seen as monsters of society.

With May, her story did not really revolve around her sexuality but the longing of companionship whether it be with a male or female. Her obsession was to overcome loneliness and not to find love in itself. There are still those people who despite having everything in life, feel they are limited because of their social capability to be around others. Thus whether it is being in a heterosexual relationship or homosexual, it is a matter of simply being one with the other and belonging.

The end of the film was a thrill to watch, even if it was extremely disturbing. It shows how much she wants to be able to create the perfect friend or companion that would look at her for who she is and not simply use her for being a women or for sexual intercourse. May as you can say can be considered queer in nature. However, even using this to describe her feel as if I am degrading her worth. However, this is not the case. Even at the finale, I chose to sympathise with her because it is hard to keep up with the societal pressures in this day and age. Unfortunately, she lost herself in wanting something quite absurd and unreasonable. She has lost herself to achieving perfection, in perfecting the perfect companion.
My definition of the horror genre has truly changed, especially with this one. Fear need not always involve ghosts or supernatural beings, but fear can come from all forms present in our everyday life. More so fear can come from our own mysterious mind and what it is capable of doing.


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