On repeat

I’m not much for horror film but when I watched Triangle by Christopher Smith, I was simply blown away. It definitely made its way to my top 5 favorite films. The reason why I liked this film so much was because it had sort of a mystery. As the film progressed, the audience did not know more than the protagonist. We were also in the dark, trying to figure out what was happening as well. I think this is what was so compelling about the film, that slowly we started unravelling what was happening. Compared to other horror films, this film did not follow the usual linear timeline. By the end of the film, the audience will see that the film just repeats itself over and over again.

The plot of the film is an unusual one. But it does prove to be a very interesting one as well. Its horror factor did not rely on jump scares or on a monster but it relied on the unravelling of a mystery as the source of horror. It’s not scary per se, but it does give the audience a feeling of uneasiness and curiosity.

Initially, when the “first” naive Jess survives, the audience is as confused as her. But as the plot moves along, and the “second” and “third” Jess show up, we are starting to be faced of the horror that Jess is apparently in a loop and is stuck on the ship. The horror factor in this film is exact situation Jess is in. We, as the audience, know that this is a situation that we don’t want to be in. This type of plot is compelling that, at some point, I started wondering what I would do if I was stuck in that situation. I was also so close to yelling at the screen and going “No Jess! Don’t do that!”However, that’s the whole point of the film, that Jess has gone through the cycle so many times, doing the exact same things. And realizing that is what makes the film so scary.

One notable thing that I did find amusing is the foreshadowing of what would happen in the film, and that is when they mentioned the Myth of Sisyphus. It’s as if the creators of the film wanted to give the audience ah “aha!” moment. They are giving the audience a sense of relief by letting them put together the pieces and finding out the horrific situation the protagonist is in.

So, finally, when everyone is already aware of what is going on. And it was initially thought that the death of the “first” Jess was the end of the movie, the movie takes a turn and changes its setting back to Jess’ house, where the start of the film. Initially, we have this sense of relief that THIS Jess was able to break the cycle. But in actuality, she was not able to. By the end of the film, we see that the cycle is just repeating itself, giving no sense of relief to the audience whatsover, and I think this is what truly makes this film a horrific one.


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