To be honest, I fell asleep at the first part of Pontypool. I didn’t understand what was going on in the movie until my friend started shaking my arm out of excitement and I woke up. Then, I found Pontypool to be a very exciting movie.

It showed a unique twist to the typical zombie movie. It gave the idea of language being contagious. This becomes to be a little philosophical because language is not something you can hold or you can touch so it cannot be a host for disease. Then again, if you think about things being contagious, you not only think about diseases, but you can think about yawning. They say that yawning is contagious, but nobody really understands why. This plot of the movie is by far the best zombie plot yet because it presents a legitimate threat that may not be cured. It’s not a disease you can cultivate in the lab. You really have to study language to understand how to cure it. To add to that, the movie mentions that the only way you can cure this is if you change the meaning of things or if you speak in a different language. It was exciting when they the characters started speaking French, but then I realized that they’re from Canada.

Pontypool is a horror movie, but it tries to bring out more from horror. It tries to add art in the mix. Language is an art form that a lot of people take advantage of. They take advantage of it in a sense that they don’t try to hone and to practice it by reading books or practicing different languages. They also take advantage of it in a sense that they intentionally use the wrong grammar to sound better. One of the things that Pontypool implies is perhaps when they time comes that language is the only thing that can save you, how are you going to act knowing that you don’t actually know a lot about it?

The characters in the movie also helped in making it interesting. Mazzy was showed to have an amazingly manly and macho voice. He was firm and he did not like to follow instructions. Even if Mazzy was like this, he also had his vulnerable moments. The other character was Dr. Mendez who made the movie a little bit comedic. He was this goofy doctor whom no one thought to actually believe. When he started speaking in his native language, Mazzy the main characters started to think he was getting infected with the language disease when in fact he was able to find out the cure. Dr. Mendez also saved them from the attacking hoard. It was unclear whatever happened to Dr. Mendez.

All these aspects of Pontypool make the movie out to be Para cinematic. It put together a whole lot of aspects that may or may not have gone together, but it put them together anyway. For example, the movie being a zombie movie but they used language the disease. This goes way beyond out of the ordinary and some people may not appreciate this because it’s not the conventional way of making a zombie movie. It makes things strange the way it puts all those ingredients together, but it still ended up being a good movie. Also, the aspect of the movie changing the meaning of the words adds to its being Para cinematic because that’s really what the movie is trying to do – change the meaning of what a zombie movie means. It’s okay to have frustrated reactions about it especially in the after credits scene because not everyone is going to like something unconventional


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