The film Pontypool directed by Bruce McDonald was one that I liked and found something worth it to watch. I found it something unique and I have some insights on how I perceive it. The movie is of a Canadian nature and I see this as something different from the American films produced. When you watch a horror movie, it would usually be in a haunted house or a forest, something in that regard. However, this movie was connected to a radio station, which is really far from an ordinary one. The scenes in the film with the radio station made me think about what was happening and how it shows a different perspective to it. The role of the radio station is also there to show its value and how it will help the main character. The scenes were exciting especially with the main character Grant. In the movie there is a scene when Grant opened a particular door. Grant’s goal was to be able to go outside however he remained. I wanted him to go out and see what would happen.

Now I would like to talk about how Grant operates as a part of the radio show. Grant is quite funny and a dose of comedy is inserted into a horror film. He would make fun of a story told by a person who listens to the radio show. After this happening, something real happens as Ken Loney contacts him and tells him that a similar event is happening outside. An event that is quite unusual. Other stories that occur during the film that showcase how some comedy is presented when the main character Grant makes fun of some singers who went to the radio station. When they put in some comedy in the film, I found it something unique and new. I liked how they blended it in some of the nasty parts that were happening. The violence and the scary parts were balanced out by the comic relief. I also liked how the actors executed the scene when Ken died. Sydney a member of the crew projected to the viewers that she was really sad about Ken’s death. However, this was not the case for Ken as it was different and he was even a pedophile.

This movie was quite different from other types of horror movies aside from the comedy aspect. Most horror movies that I watch contain monstrous creatures that will haunt you. There are also the types that have out of this world forces such as ghosts, exorcists and demons. This is really different wherein the horror was in the words that the people were speaking. The virus is quite fatal because if you hear the words uttered by somebody infected, then you can possible die. In the film numerous characters die such as Sydney and Laurel-Ann who are part of the radio’s crew. The way to fight the horror was all about being silent. Since the problem being presented is related to speaking and the utterance of various words, the way to combat this is to close your mouth and don’t say anything at all.

In the end, watching the movie was worthwhile because of the factors that I have mentioned. The setting of a radio station is very new for me for a horror film so I appreciate its creativity. I also liked how the actors executed the various scenes in the film. These scenes in the film were quite difficult and I saw that they were really quality performers. The screenplay was also impressive to add to the great acting. It was really different from other movies and the blending of various films made it a wonderful experience to watch.


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