re Evil Dead

The Evil Dead film produced in 2013 is really a violent and brutal film that had all the aspects of a classic slasher gore film. This film has already been part of a long franchise of films. Evil Dead rooting itself from comic books and classic films was something that I looked forward to watching. The movie was quite intense and I can consider this as a typical horror movie. The movie had one of the most common conventions in horror films where a group of people usually friends would go to secluded area where at first, they’ll have fun but afterwards there will be always weird things that will come up and start to reveal the monster that will attack and kill them. When I looked up on the internet on the movie posters I saw the quote, “The most terrifying film you will ever experience”, this is true with all the events that will keep somebody awake at night. The events and the screenplay exemplified that quote, and I will further discuss my insights on it.

This movie involves various supernatural aspects that will mold the film’s events. There are a lot of deaths that will be happening in the film. A book that is mentioned in the film which is the Naturum Demondo, the book that will have big significance for the future events. Opening and reading this book will wake up some supernatural spirits . At first, they investigated and studied what this book is all about. The book was quite creepy and frightening at the start. Eric, who knows things about the matter studies the book. After this it affects Mia and how some spirits are surrounding them already. Mia’s soul becomes corrupted by these spirits as a result. There are three ways mentioned that will purify that kind of case. There is a live burial, dismemberment, and burning alive.

In the film, I enjoyed the scene of the purification by fire. This showed the degree of anxiety in the petrifying events of the movie. It was all about excitement at that point and more things would come. To add to this, Mia was also facing a particular creature. In this scene five of the souls were already offered for the Abomination. It was quite bloody with Mia strongly fighting with her chainsaw. She bravely uses the chainsaw in order to cut down in half the monster. That is what a horror movie should be and how it will be portrayed. Another insight and part of the plot was the relationship of David and Mia. Their goal was to be able to bring back their old relationships. However, this does not end well for them because of the death of David. It is really tragic to see this, two innocent people that were terrorized by these spirits only to see them break apart.

After watching this movie, I can conclude that this is a traditional horror film involving forests and mystical creatures. Not only that it also included supernatural forces that really played a big role in the story of the film. What I found impressive was the screenplay and the effects that were put in place. The blood and the action-packed scenes were top class, it personified what Evil Dead really stands for. The film also features a tragic story just like some horror movies that I’ve watched, thrilling yet scared you to your sleep. In the end, my comment for the film is that I enjoyed the events that transpired and how it showed its horror to the audience. However, I think that there is nothing that sets it apart from other horror films. It was very good, and had all the ingredients of a classic slash and gore film. It lacked the aspect of originality, as I have seen in some of the scenes provided in the film.


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