Ring ring, She’s Dead

Way before the actual film came out, the trailer of this movie already sent chills down my spine. First of all, anything that involves a morgue is definitely sure to be a recipe for disaster. Given that, along with all the hype that was coming from social media, I had high expectations for the film.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe was a conventional horror film that gave countless jump scares here and there. It was the kind of movie that had the typical elements of what a horror film is supposed to have, especially with the big reveal in the middle of the film.

In the movie, little by little, it is revealed how Jane Doe is in fact a witch. In the past she suffered an insane amount of torture and just like any normal victim who has suffered painstakingly terrible events, she was back with a vengeance.

As the film progressed, we could see how the father and son made continuous efforts in trying to get rid of Jane Doe. It is notable how the father-son relationship in the film was quite endearing. They had a very close relationship as a pair and this translates to how in the end, Tommy sacrificed himself so that his son would live — which also is another recurring theme in horror movies. In the end, it took a cruel turn when she killed Austin as well. Usually in normal horror movies, when one makes a sacrifice and takes their own life, the other one survives. In this movie, you could see that the witch was confined by no rules.

We see in other horror movies with similar themes, the characters always do their best in trying to get rid of whatever monster is attacking them. Either they burn whatever haunted item there is, they bury the body or the skeletons of the haunted spirit, they perform a certain exorcism, etc. In this movie, no matter what they did, the witch still decided to kill them all. She was a monster that was just so vengeful and full of hate that all she wanted to do was inflict the same kind of pain that was inflicted on her and she wanted to torture the way she was tortured.

It was a conventionally straight forward film where the monster caused the death of all the main characters but what made it outstanding was the execution of the film. Compared to other films of the same theme, this movie had CGI to its advantage. Because of the CGI and the exceptional make up, they were able to feature something that was truly horrific. They were really able to put a horrific face to the ironically named “Jane Doe”

In the end, the audience was given no resolution. We see that the bell on her ankle rang again which means that the story and the cycle is far from over. It left a lasting mark on the audience. As stated above, this kind of ending is common with conventional horror movies. All in all, given its conventionality, it was quite enjoyable to some extent, but it was nothing new.



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