Seasons Change, yet all but the same

Spring was probably the lightest movie we watched this whole semester and a whole different take on the horror genre. I admired how the narrative progressed throughout, showcasing the monster as humanly as possible. Even the monster itself was something that did not really feel threatening to the audience compared to the past films.

The main character, Louise, proved to be battling her own “monster” or personal demons, something that is within her but does not define who she wants to be. It is as if there are two persons in one. This creature that overcomes her biology and takes over her whole self and this other side, the humanistic nature of a person. Seemingly, at the very onset it does not seem like a horror film. Even till the end, I felt as if the movie was more on the romantic than horror. I personally liked the film up to the last 20 minutes of the film. The moment Evan found out who she truly was, the nature of her being and the possible consequences, he continued to stay around. I felt as if there was already such a great build up to the monster inside of her that they could have taken it all the way and make it a tragic finish for the guy. But again, I was psyched for it to be a horror film instead of a romantic film, thus the ending was a little more surprising to me. Compared to other films we have watched, Spring was one of those that made a full circle with the plot. They explained the nature of the monster, the reason behind its existence and concluded the story with “breaking” the spell.
Everything in this universe can be seen as mysterious. What happens in the past, evolution, what lies in the future is a big question mark to humanity. That’s why our egoistic selves should not be encompassed by our own problems but the bigger problems of society because we are only a small chunk of the story of the universe. Like I have mentioned, the “monster” in Spring is not Louise. It is the evolution that did not end. It is I believe to be a reality in some sort. Sometimes I would love to believe that there are other creatures that lie in this world such as Louise, or even a mermaid. These things are not monsters, Louise was definitely not a monster but rather another creature living in this world. It was important that the monster would be on a woman and not a man’s body. A woman is seen with perfection and is often admired in the male gaze. They are objectified yet Louise symbolized the misrepresentation of women and the loose ideology of their roles in society.

“Seasons Change, yet all but the same” plays into first the movie title Spring because time does not stop for anyone. Even if we want things to go on stand still or come by faster, seasons are apart of our universe and everyday is different. Secondly, it talks about the love or romantic aspect of the story. Though despite Evan knowing that she could may live a life like this forever, the love remains and thus all the same.


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