It starts off with a son recently losing his mother, who then acts irrationally beating up a guy at a local bar and ends up impulsively heading to Italy. Then things get weird… horrifyingly weird…

The film managed to keep its viewers guessing. It gives its viewers just enough to keep us intrigued and hooked into the film. With the beginning of the film where Evan is seen beside his mother in her deathbed, I was assuming that this was going to be one of those the-dead-comes-back-to-life kind of horror film. The eerie atmosphere in the first few minutes of the film made it seem so. However, it did not appear like it as Evan, on impulse, heads to Italy where he meets “the love of his life,” Louise. There was now a brand-new setting with a totally different atmosphere. For what seemed like a zombie movie at the beginning, it now started to feel like that of the Twilight movie, only better – with a better love story. Having said that, for the most part, Spring did appear as a romance film for me, more than horror.

It being shown in a horror film class, I was already assuming that something out of the ordinary – that something horrifying was bound to happen anytime in the film and so, as I have mentioned before, it kept me guessing. I kept guessing, which part of the film will the horror start, or who is the monster or what kind of monster is there. I even started guessing whether or not our professor made a mistake in picking a film simply because it generally appeared as something that was not as horrifying at all. But deeper into the film, I began to understand that although the film works more as a romance film, it had enough elements of horror that would evoke some sort of fear in the viewers in the right way and with a perfect timing. The horror comes in how Louise’s body starts to erupt in a new, yet horrific forms from humanity’s evolutionary past.

What was supposed to be a simple “hook-up” for Louise as a way to keep her immortality, where she uses Evan, ended up in a rather happy and touching love story where her regeneration process has been interrupted as she gives up her immortality to stay with Evan. Because the film mostly focused on their love story, the suspense and the anticipation for the horrifying part of the film came at a higher level – for me at least. For this film, the suspense is due to the unknown. Evan was not fully aware of what her girlfriend was until the latter part of the film, and so did the viewers. The element of mystery as to what Louise is and what kind of creature she will transform into next adds up to the horror. However, in this film, despite a scene showing a ritual being performed by Louise to keep her from transforming out of nowhere and to keep her immortality, the object of horror was not supernatural. Rather, it was more scientific.

As the reading suggests, horror is subjective. What can be scary for one, may not be for another. For most people they base it on what the movie makes them feel, if it scares them it is horror, if not, then it must be something else. While others base it on the elements seen in the film – is there enough blood? Because this film had various elements in it that would make it qualified for various genres, it made it harder to categorize it, and so some people get confused and do not know where to place it. I had known a few people who have actually watched this film and shared that it was not their kind of horror film – “it just did not have the right kind of fright to it.” For me, I felt like the element of romance and horror were perfectly mixed without having one being too overpowering. Although it mostly seemed like a romance film, it was hard to miss the elements of horror which, I believe, works perfectly well for the film.


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