Spring by Benson & Moorhead was an interesting romance-horror film. I never really thought romance and horror could ever really exist, but as we see, it is a thing. For, however, Spring was more of a romance film with a few horrific features, and not necessarily horror. The only thing scary about it is that Louise changes forms and can possibly kill Evan. I did enjoy the film, but I was not scared off my seat by it.

The film, in my opinion, is all about change or growth. Literally, Louise is evolving into a different form. However, in the film it is also show how Evan is also changing. From someone who is losing control over everything around his life, he becomes a more confident character. From someone so recluse to someone who eventually knows how to speak his mind and communicate his emotions. Louise’s evolution, in the end, is not into another form, but as someone who is willing to give up immortality for love. She changed in the sense that she became someone who was capable of opening her heart to someone else.

One thing that I would like to commend with this film is its cinematography. It had a very light ambience. Maybe its because of its setting in Europe, but the film was beautifully shot. The relax vibe it gave really contrasted with a few of its horror scenes. Scenes such as Louise going into a cave to deal with her transformation was quite interestingly shot because it did not really invoke fear but just discomfort.

Ultimately, though, this film just showed me how fear is culturally relative. What I find scary may not be scary for others. But in the end, Spring was truly an enjoyable film. It was not the horror film I expected, but it was to its own extend, enjoyable. For those who want to watch a cute love story unfold, but with a small horrific twist, I definitely recommend Spring.


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