The Innkeepers

So far the movies that were shown in class have exceeded expectations. Triangle showed that horror movies need not be about ghosts and monsters. The Autopsy of Jane Doe was about a witch, but it exhibited a contemporary version, which made the movie unique and exciting to watch. Innkeepers was no different. It also had a unique characteristic as a horror movie It showed that horror movies can still be frightening by making it about ghosts and monsters, but not actually showing them.


Innkeepers start slow and quiet. It was a little boring because there was a lot of dialogue during the start of the movie. It had certain hints that made it creepy, and hence still making it bearable to watch. Some of these hints were the two employees being the only staff for the shift, the inn being closed down because of lack of guests, and the two employees’ obsession with yearning for an encounter with the supernatural (instead of running away from the ghosts, they look for them). As the movie kept going, it began to get more and more creepy. A lady suddenly checked inn, who we later find out was actually a spiritual medium, the piano starts playing by itself, scenes where would be Claire spending time by herself, which I believe was the movie trying to build up on some suspense. Even if the movie seemed dragging at first, it had some saving qualities that made me sit and keep watching.

I would also just like to add that the movie also had some comedic parts. These parts include the two employees actually being frightened of ghosts, but their sole purpose in the inn is to find them – ironic. Another part in the movie that was comedic to me was when Luke confessed to Claire his love after getting scared of a noise when they were in the basement. He said he only did all those paranormal activities because he liked her. Makes me wonder how much courage and persistence he has for keeping up his facade for that long.


During the latter part of the movie, we find an old man who attempts to check in an invalid room. The employees say it is not being used anymore, but the man still insists. Eventually we find him dead in the tub. Then, Leanne Rease-Jones, the medium says horrible things happened at the hotel, but she doesn’t say what (and it was never mentioned even at the end of the movie). Also, Claire believes she’s being chased by a ghost and later on we find her dead and being brought inside a body bag to the ambulance. These scenes are actually important because they are what made the movie horrific.

First we see a man who attempts to check in a room in the inn that has already been out of service. The employees explain that they can offer a different room, but he insists. He insists, with his slow and deep voice that it is important to him. If I were in the place of the employees, I would immediately get frightened. If it were a younger man, I would probably just think he was going to invite some frat boys there and have a drug party. But, it being an old man, who wants to be all alone in a room without beds and furniture makes for an unsettling feeling. Second , Claire comes to Leanne-Rease Jones for help because she is unable to take the frightful incidents in the inn. Leanne tries to talk to the spirits of the inn and finds out that horrible things happened there. This made the movie horrific because it was building up to what was going to happen to Claire in the end. Even the mere fact that Leanne said she stayed in the inn because she wanted to communicate with the spirits there already made for a creepy feeling. In the end I was a little bit disappointed because nothing was actually mentioned about the history of the inn, but the scene with Leanne Rease-Jones still helped in making for a good build up for the movie. Lastly, we find Claire being chased by a ghost, which was never even seen until the very end. This part speaks for itself. It was scary because she’s being chased by a ghost she can’t see and she doesn’t know what is going to happen when she finally has an encounter with it.


The Innkeepers is a movie about ghost in the building, but it never really showed any ghost in the building (except the last part). The movie made use of cues and hints that would poke the fright inside of you, and this is what made the movie a good and unique horror movie.


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