Triangle changed the way I would think about horror movies. Before, to me, horror movies were ones of ghosts and monsters. They were also of ones about demonic possessions and eerie sounds and music for sound effects. After watching this movie, I realized that the horror genre is much more than that. It’s about experiencing something out of the ordinary, radical, or (perhaps) despair.


Watching Triangle actually reminded me about a horrific time in my life. I remember watching an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark. It was about this fortuneteller called Sandman who would make his customers look at his glass ball, capture them in a trance and keep their souls in the glass ball. His customers are still alive but in a dreaming state. It’s like a dream they can’t escape. Later on in the movie they defeat Sandman. But when one of the kids go to sleep, you can hear the laugh of Sandman from the back and a speech that I forgot.

I was, I believe 9 or 10 when I watched that episode, but I was frightened to my core; not because of a ghost or a demon, but the thought of an inescapable situation – especially I would frequently have bad dreams when I was younger and I would not want to be caught in an inescapable one. This is what Triangle reminded me of. It is so disheartening to think about Jess’ situation. She actually finds out about disposition and tries to do something about it. The audience and she thinks she apparently has. Eventually, more events lead up to the audience thinking, “Has she really gotten out of the cycle,” finding out in the end that she has not. The sad part here also is that she one hundred percent makes the decision to go through it all again – fully aware of everything that has already happened. It’s like knowing that you are going to be in a bad spot, but you choose it still. It literally is Sisyphus’ disposition.


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